The Story of Minglan Episode 70 Recap

Woohoo! We’re now on Story of Minglan episode 70! Just three more episodes to go before this show ends. What will Minglan do to save her husband?

After getting protected by her husband for so long, it’s time for Minglan to return the favor!

Story of Minglan Episode 70 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye gets his punishment and Minglan tries to save him
  • Yuan Ruo wants to assist Minglan and his wife helps him out
  • Sheng Hong punishes Changbai to teach him a lesson

Now Gu Tingye and Minglan are in the middle of a storm. What happens next? Let’s find out in Story of Minglan episode 70 recap!

Escalating Situation

Old Madam Sheng chuckles as Minglan narrates how she wasn’t jealous of Fengxian.

But her husband seemed to think so.

story of minglan episode 70, minglan and old madam sheng chat

Minglan knows how much her husband dotes on her. And comments how he protects her.

So she’s not jealous.

Minutes later, Hai Zhaoyun brings in Shitou. Who looks distraught.

He tells Minglan that Gu Tingye is imprisoned.

Minglan teeters a bit from the shock and Old Madam Sheng orders for ginseng soup.

Because ginseng can revitalize one’s body.

Meanwhile, Changbai is locked up in another room. And a servant brings in his food.

story of minglan episode 70, changbai is locked up

As the servant kneels down to place the food on the table, Changbai paces around with a book in his hands.

Then grabs a sack to put on the servant’s head.

Wow, didn’t think Changbai would have it in him to do something like this.

Changbai grabs some robe too and ties up the servant. Before bolting out the door.

Unfortunately four more servants drag Changbai in and put him down on a seat.

One gently hands him a pair of chopsticks for the meal. While the rest tell him to enjoy his meal.

Minglan heads over to General Shen’s manor. And asks him for help so she can visit her husband.

story of minglan episode 70, asking General Shen for help

But General Shen tells Minglan that he tried as well. And no one bothered to help him.

Minglan refuses to give up and tells General Shen that she must go.

Zhang Guifen tells Minglan that she can go to the palace anytime with her conferred title. So she will prepare a request but Minglan reveals that her request has been rejected five times.

No wonder Minglan is getting anxious.

She thinks she should barge into the palace but General Shen think that is rash.

The Emperor is just temporarily upset.

Sheng Family’s Prosperity

But if she escalates the issue, Gu Tingye will be in more trouble.

Minglan doesn’t want to sit aside and do nothing. Because just waiting feels like she’s on pins and needles.

Zhang Guifen then tells Minglan that she can enter the palace.

Meanwhile, Changbai gets punished by his father for attempting to escape.

In front of the ancestral hall.

Sheng Hong complains that Changbai studied for nothing. Will he put everyone in his family at risk?

story of minglan episode 70, changbai gets punished

Sheng Hong tells him that he has seen his family fall into dire states before. Which is why he made a vow to make the Sheng family prosperous.

So he can’t watch Changbai throw it all away.

After beating Changbai, he orders servants to pull him up and tie him. But Changbai gets up himself and stumbles out the hall.

While his wife, Hai Zhaoyun watches tearfully.

Sheng Hong then kneels in front of ancestors himself. Tearfully begging his ancestors.

He probably wants them to protect his family as they get over this precarious situation.

Entering the Palace

Zhang Guifen speaks to the Empress and asks if she believes Gu Tingye performed all these nefarious acts.

While Minglan is disguised as one of Zhang Guifen’s maids.

The Empress believes Gu Tingye has gotten too arrogant now. Since he’s under the protection of both the Emperor and Prince Huan.

Then commenting that the murder weapon has not been revealed. So Gu Tingye believes the Emperor will cover for him.

And Minglan can’t help but chime in. Saying that this is all slander.

Because Madam Qin instigated all of this. But the Empress doesn’t offer much except to inform Minglan to follow the Emperor’s will.

And so she should just wait for news.

But Minglan sees that she’s leaving and tugs at her robes.

Continuing to beg for her husband’s release.

While Zhang Guifen tells Minglan to let go.

But then Minglan mentions the Empress Dowager’s spies at the palace. And how he won’t be safe here.

After enough begging, the Empress relents and asks someone to prepare a basket of food for Gu Tingye. Before she leaves.

She’s allowing Minglan to go visit her husband. Minglan is usually so calm but when it comes to someone she cares about deeply. She can go all-out.

Meanwhile, in the prison, Prince Huan plays Go chess with Gu Tingye.

And tells him how Minglan made a scene at his mother’s palace.

story of minglan episode 70, playing go chess

Gu Tingye’s surprised to hear that. And wants to hear about the details.

While Prince Huan wonders if he’s gone crazy. Gu Tingye then explains that his wife has never done this before.

Hubby is so excited to hear that his wife cares so much for him. Hahaha

Wang Ruofu’s Advice

Back at Chen Yuan, Minglan prepares some food and blankets for her husband.

Since the prison is an uncomfortable place.

Nanny Xiang comments that she thought her lord finally got a break after all the hardships he endured.

But those next door won’t let him off.

Minglan tells Nanny Xiang not to worry because she will save him. And then a servant reports that Wang Ruofu is here to visit for a private chat.

Wang Ruofu feels guilty for dragging Minglan’s husband into this. So she requested temporary pardon from her punishment to give Minglan some advice.

Wang Ruofu is finally acting like a true mother for once!

Hualan tells Minglan that her mother does care for her.

Wang Ruofu suggests Minglan separate amicably from her husband so her child won’t be labeled as the son of a criminal.

Then when this all blows over, they can get back to together.

Because as a mother, one must always plan for their child.

Minglan thanks Wang Ruofu for her advice, and Wang Ruofu smiles towards Hualan.

Commenting that Minglan understands. So she explains further.

This way, her child will be considered a Sheng household descendant and Minglan will be a Sheng family member.

They will be safe and not associated with Gu Tingye.

But Minglan refuses to abandon Gu Tingye at his lowest.

Since they are husband and wife, they should endure everything together.

All the success and the pain.

story of minglan episode 70, Minglan wants to defend Gu Tingye
Well said, Minglan!

Wang Ruofu comments that if Gu Tingye knew what she was going to do, his heart would ache.

But Minglan has already made up her mind.

Visiting Gu Tingye

Gu Tingye eats as Minglan arranges things in his cell. She puts aside an animal skin blanket after noticing he has sufficient charcoal to stay warm.

Then she takes out some knee guards that she’s sewed for him before. And asks if he wants to put them on.

Gu Tingye happily smacks his knees in response. So she crouches over to assist him.

While she works on tying the knee guards, Gu Tingye tells her he heard about her making a scene at the Empress’ palace.

Minglan wonders if her husband was happy. And Gu Tingye tells her that he was.

So happy in fact that she didn’t need to bring anything today. And he would still be happy.

The two reminisce about the past for a bit. Minglan shares how she was always grateful to him. While Gu Tingye tells her that he was grateful towards her mother for giving birth to her.

Minglan then reveals that she had Shitou look into Manniang and the Bai family.

But with no luck.

However, she’s not giving up.

story of minglan episode 70, searching for enemies

Then Gu Tingye drops a bomb on her. Proposing they amicably separate. She can keep half of his assets.

As well as his servant Shitou and Soldier Tu.

For protection.

Minglan tears up and asks why he’s divorcing her. Gu Tingye explains that it’s just an amicable separation. Not divorce.

Once everything is over, he will marry her again.

Because there are several families out to get him. But Minglan refuses to separate with him.

Despite the reasons Gu Tingye lists out. Including their son who Gu Tingye has not named.

But Minglan has already made plans. And named their child, Tuan’er. Which contains the character for reuniting one day.

Judgement is Passed

Gu Tingye still wants to separate so Minglan threatens to not take him back.

And comments how she may marry someone else.

Like He Hongwen.

So Gu Tingye gives up. He won’t mention separation anymore.

On Minglan’s way out of the prison, she and Zhang Guifen see an eunuch holding an imperial decree on his way to Gu Tingye’s cell.

So she rushes back and hears the decree.

Gu Tingye is exiled out of the city. His noble title and his wife’s noble title are taken away.

story of minglan episode 70, judgment is passed

Minglan cries with injustice and Zhang Guifen drags her away before she gets into trouble.

Meanwhile, Yuan Ruo gets dressed up in all black.

His mother knows he plans on helping Gu Tingye. So she refuses to let him go.

While his wife, Shen Hezhen reminds him of an earlier promise. To head over to a restaurant to try some new wine.

Yuan Ruo, you better start appreciating your wife! She’s a good person!

Then on the way to the restaurant, Shen Hezhen asks the driver to change directions to Chen Yuan.

Because if Yuan Ruo is happy, then she is happy too.

At Chen Yuan, Minglan thanks Yuan Ruo for stopping by.

Minglan plans on submitting a formal complaint but Yuan Ruo believes that’s exactly what the Empress Dowager wants.

To escalate the issue even further. Shen Hezhen has another idea to approach this.

In order to renew the case, they need new evidence. And points out that Minglan is getting too muddled because she cares too much.

Because normally she can analyze the situation calmly.

Shen Hezhen offers to help investigate Zhu Manniang and the one from the Bai family.

Then Minglan comments how she’s been poisoned lately and has been unable to find the culprit.


Shen Hezhen thinks this is good. Because these situations are connected.

This is a great opportunity to make things more chaotic in her household. Which will make the opponent lower their guard.

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In Story of Minglan episode 70, we see Minglan losing her cool and taking reckless approaches.

Which is not her usual style. However this shows how much she loves Gu Tingye. So much that she’s willing to risk it all.

Remember at a family meal reunion where Molan mentioned moving her mother’s mortuary tablet to the monastery?

Minglan started to counterattack. And Old Madam Sheng was rushing to her rescue. She knows her granddaughter best.

Now, we see that Minglan is willing to take an even BIGGER risk to rescue her husband. Proposing to sound the drums and complaining to the Emperor.

About her husband’s injustice. But fortunately, Minglan has made friends with noble families to help. Zhang Guifen, Yuan Ruo, and Shen Hezhen are all willing to help out.

I also thought it was funny how Minglan threatened to Gu Tingye to marry He Hongwen if he would separate with her now. She knows he’s trying to protect her again, but she refuses to leave him.

Not now, when he needs her more than ever.

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 70? Leave a comment below!

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Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

I love how our couple handles things like this in their relationship

Usually in many series the noble idiot male lead would say harsh thing to the FL just for separating and FL would misunderstand things

4 years ago

This episode is so good, I can hardly decide what I like the best about it!   Our poor Minglan has a very hard time again, Tingye will have to work hard to make it up to her if he gets out of this mess! She even reminded the Empress that it was her who delivered the blood-written decree and never asked for a reward (ha, so the imperial couple is aware that it was Minglan who delivered it all that time ago! I was waiting for this confirmation).   Meanwhile Tingye: *heart eyes* My badass wife is making a… Read more »

4 years ago

That was one of my favorite parts lol. He’s all it’s no big deal we’ll amicably separate then after this blows over we’ll get remarried. Minglan is all hell now. You would never leave me if the situations were reversed so I’m not going to leave you and if you do go through with this I won’t take you back and will in fact go and marry someone else. Tingye blusters a bit but caves as soon as she mentions He Hongwen. Only three episodes to go.

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Don’t stress over it, you are doing an amazing job with these recaps and you are making them so fast!
I hope you know how much help will these recaps be for the current and future watchers; I know I will be coming back to them often if I won’t remember in which episode some particular event took place! Thank you for all your hard work!

3 years ago
Reply to  Ela

You’re right, Ela! Here I am 10 months after you posted your comment, watching The Story of Minglan for the first time. And Coco’s recaps have been soooo helpful! I don’t know if I could have stuck with the story without them – it’s very complicated with many characters and my gosh! 73 episodes! The longest series I ever watched previously was Go Go Squid with 41 – so this is almost double! Thanks, again, Coco for all the time you put into this.

4 months ago
Reply to  Ela

Definitely! Here I am watching this series for the first time 2024 and ngl it gets so chaotic and confusing at times. Like who the heck is who, whats happening with all the scheming etc. is great to read after each episode just to get with the program and make sure I’m actually understanding what I’m watching. Its also fun to see others reactions to how I’m feeling. A bit late to the game and missed all the hype so this is a fun way to share in a tiny bit of the enjoyment. Why were the women all wearing… Read more »

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