The Story of Minglan Episode 71 Recap

Yuan Ruo is finally warming up to his wife! He and Shen Hezhen are such a good pair! What will they find when they help Minglan investigate? In Story of Minglan episode 71, it’s good to have friends in high places.

Story of Minglan episode 71 Recap Highlights:

  • Yuan Ruo and Shen Hezhen help Minglan investigate and find disturbing news
  • Minglan hosts a celebration for her one-month old son
  • Molan finds out that her husband has a new affair

Now that Gu Tingye is imprisoned, it’s time for Minglan to protect her hubby! What lies in store for us in Story of Minglan episode 71?

Let’s find out!


After leaving Chen Yuan, Yuan Ruo and his wife make a stop by the Fan restaurant.

To pick up the special wine for Duchess Qi, but Yuan Ruo thinks this is a great opportunity for them to share a meal.

As husband and wife.

And when Yuan Ruo gets off the carriage, he offers a hand to Shen Hezhen. To help her down.

Shen Hezhen warms up at the small gesture.

story of minglan episode 71, Yuan Ruo and Shen Hezhen

Meanwhile, Minglan tells Cuiwei and Xiaotao that she plans on hosting a one-month birthday celebration.

For her son.

But Cuiwei and Xiaotao both think it’s better to wait two months instead. Considering the current chaos.

Minglan doesn’t respond, leading Cuiwei and Xiaotao to think she has other motives for doing this.

Yuan Ruo gets summoned when a nearby investigation officer reports that the Bai family’s eldest son has died.

story of minglan episode 71, bai family suicide

It doesn’t look like suicide.

Even though the body is hanging by the neck in mid air.

Witnesses say they heard a loud miserable cry and various loud noises. Before seeing three men take off on the roofs.

It’s likely that the eldest son of the Bai family was strangled to death before being hung.

Yuan Ruo makes a mental note before leaving.

Meeting up with Shen Hezhen, he tells her that the one from the Bai family is dead. While his wife reports that there’s no news about Zhu Manniang.

story of minglan episode 71, fine net

Woven by a very sneaky and vicious woman.

Meanwhile, Molan gets a report from her servant that her husband won’t go with her.

To Minglan’s first month celebration.

When she didn’t want to go, her husband wanted to go. And now that she’s willing, he changes his mind?

Molan asks her servant where her husband has been going recently. But her servant doesn’t know.

One Month Celebration

Then Molan thinks something is odd.

Over at the Qi manor, Yuan Ruo ruffles through his room as he searches for his gift.

That he was planning to give to Minglan’s son.

Shen Hezhen believes he misplaced it while he playfully banters with her.

story of minglan episode 71, playful Shen Hezhen

The two spend some time looking for the gold locket and they notice Duke and Duchess Qi walk in.

Yuan Ruo and his wife greet them and explain what they are doing. It just so happens that Duchess Qi has a replacement gift.

A jade crafted locket.

Duke Qi believes the Gu and Qi households should keep in touch. Since their ancestors were relatives.

Meanwhile, Minglan checks up on things while Nanny Chang comforts Tuan’er.

A servant remarks that no one is going to come. But Minglan doesn’t mind as she walks around.

The someone announces the first guest: the Big Madam of Count Liang (Molan).

Minglan heads over to greet her sister.

Molan can’t help remark that there’s no one here. Even if the dishes were served, Minglan could reuse them for many meals.

While Nanny Chang retorts that she can leave if she doesn’t want eat meals from the Gu household.

Then Zhang Guifen shows up to support Minglan.

With General Shen and his younger sister.

Molan retorts that someone is just bragging with an empty title. And Zhang Guifen orders someone to drag Molan away.

Minglan tries to pacify the situation before someone announces Yanran in.

Zhang Guifen offers to welcome the guests so Minglan could greet Yanran.

Love Zhang Guifen here! She’s an awesome older sister.

Molan’s like excuse me!? You would DARE kick me out!?

Uncovering the Hidden Opponent

Minglan greets Yanran with a big hug. While Yanran offers some gifts: two jugs of wine, some tea and a painting to bless her good fortune.

The painting was the one Minglan helped Yanran with from before (during the first polo event).

The servants of Chen Yuan prepare food for the guests.

When Minglan’s aunt holds Tuan’er, everyone else observes how cute he is.

And other guests have already arrived.

Including relatives from Youyang.

Pinglan and Shulan show up and give Minglan a wave.

Nanny Chang orders another nanny to help Tuan’er sleep while she helps her madam with the guests.

Later, the nanny falls asleep and someone sneaks in to the room.

The assassin attempts to stab Tuan’er with a dagger.

But Shitou shows up to block the attack. Then gets into a scuffle with the assassin.

Shitou eventually overpowers the assassin and reveals who it is.


Minglan tells Old Madam Sheng of her plan that day to capture the culprit.

Because the assassin would be attempted to strike when the household is chaotic.

She was also able to get the inside scoop. So she wants to apologize in advance to her grandmother.

Because Minglan has made her decision.

And Old Madam Sheng is proud of how far she’s come.

Minglan plans on using the drums to portray her grievances. To the Emperor.

Old Madam Sheng then tells her that she has a witness for her as well. And Kang Zhao’er shows up.

She wants to return the favor.

No matter what.

The Emperor complains that he has to deal with all of these civil family issues.

Several officials come out to plead the Emperor to re-open Gu Tingye’s case.

And he ignores them as he tells the Prime Minister Han to continue discussing matters of the border.

Drums for Grievances

Yuan Ruo gets escorted out of court and tells Zhang Guifen that the Emperor refuses to grant an audience to Minglan.

Meanwhile, Sheng Hong complains to Old Madam Sheng about how reckless these kids are.

Old Madam Sheng tells him to go tell Changbai to see reason then.

Sheng Hong tries to stop his son but fails.

Minglan continues to kneel in front of the palace while her maids beat the drums.

Nanny Xiang hears about it and reports to Madam Gu. Madam Gu is tempted to do something to Minglan but her aide warns her not to.

story of minglan episode 70, tempted Madam Gu

Because this is exactly how Fengxian got caught.

But ohhh man, look how tempted Madam Gu is. She really wants to take this chance to get rid of Minglan.

At the night, the Emperor complains that Sheng Minglan is unreasonable.

The Empress tells the Emperor to calm his anger.

Minglan continues throughout the night. While the Empress Dowager comments that she’s a devoted lover.

Noble Consort Liu hears about it as well and thinks this is the end of the Sheng family.

story of minglan episode 70, Sheng Hong complains

On another day of court, Sheng Hong lectures Minglan for continuing with this.

Because he refuses to let her drag the Sheng family with her. Just when he thinks Minglan is going to go home, she gets up to hit the drum herself.

And faints.

When Minglan wakes up, she’s in the Empress’ residence. Who dismisses everyone to privately speak with her.

Afterwards, Minglan strolls in the streets looking downcast.

Molan watches from a distance.

story of minglan episode 70, Molan observes

Minglan stumbles along until she comments how now the rabbit is hunted, the dog is boiled.

This is a pretty common phrase in ancient China. It means that once someone was useful has finished their job, they are no longer useful.

Liang Han’s Affair

While her father thinks she’s mumbling nonsense. When Minglan faints, Shitou carries her back to a carriage.

Molan has seen enough and decides to go home.

When she returns, a servant reports that her husband has gone out. But Molan notices the expression on the servant’s face isn’t right.

So she rushes to a nearby room.

And barges in. Molan sees her maid and her husband having an affair.

Liang Han confronts Molan why she married him. Commenting that she was jealous of her sister for marrying up.

Then exposing her for causing Chunke’s death (by feeding her too much nutritious foods).

Liang Han walks out with Molan’s servants. While Molan wonders what she did wrong.

Because she followed each one of her mother’s teachings.

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In Story of Minglan episode 71, we see how Minglan is willing to risk it all. And her grandmother supports her.

But when the Empress shares private news with Minglan, is everything really that simple?

I love how Yuan Ruo finally snapped out of it to help out Minglan. Shen Hezhen as well. Because Minglan saw the situation with heated lenses and can’t think calmly.

Another proof of how much she loves her husband.

And then when she hosted her celebration, Molan wanted to come just to mock at her fallen state.

But guests started to come in. And we see how many people Minglan has helped throughout the years.

Starting with Zhang Guifen and her relationship with her husband, then Yanran, Danju and even Shulan and Pinglan.

Minglan’s not alone. There are plenty of friends and families willing to help. Which I’m sure warmed her heart.

Then Molan got her karma when she saw her husband in another affair. With her own personal maidservant no less. She utilized every arsenal that her mother taught her.

But without thinking about it first. Every household is different, did Molan think it was that easy to control the count’s household?

Tsk tsk. What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 71? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

I loved the baby shower scene so much because it shows how much genuine love and support Minglan has in her life that people came in spite of the way the wind blows. This is why Zhang smiled at Molan the way she did after sitting down. She knows Molan is miserable, barren, and lonely. She has no true love in her life. As for Molan’s husband, Liang, he is a womanizing mess and wants to blame everybody but himself. His mother warned him but he voluntarily had an affair with Molan and got her pregnant. Nobody forced him to… Read more »

3 years ago

Let’s admit it, the party at the beginning was just the show’s excuse to have all the friendly characters (especially Minglan’s female friends) in one place so we can see them before the series ends. And I am all for it! <3 It was great to see all of them coming to show Minglan their support! 🙂 (aaand we are getting rid of Fengxian…)   I think the cut after Minglan wakes up in the presence of the Empress is pretty telling. And Minglan making a mad scene in the streets reminds us of another similar moment with Yuan Ruo’s… Read more »

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