The Story of Minglan Episode 72 Recap

We’re here! Story of Minglan episode 72! Just ONE episode away from the final one. Flames of war are starting again, so will Gu Tingye get the chance to rise again?

Meanwhile, Minglan shows off her military tactics when guarding her home!

Story of Minglan Episode 72 Recap Highlights:

  • The Emperor gets a report that enemies near the border are attacking
  • Minglan protects her homes from invaders
  • Noble Consort Liu takes the chance to change the ruling party

Omigod, I’m getting so excited as the show nears it’s climax! Without further adieu, let’s jump into Story of Minglan episode 72 recap!

Madam Gu’s Invitation

Nanny Xiang reports to Madam Gu that Minglan vomitted blood. And Madam Gu is elated.

She thinks they are nearly towards the end. The victory is almost at hand. But to be sure, she wants Chen Yuan closely monitored for news.

Minglan sits on her bed while Changbai and her father amuse her son. Her grandmother sits near her to comfort her.

All of them are worried about her.

And her health.

Minglan tells her second brother and her father to take a leave of absence from court.

story of minglan episode 72, minglan is ill

Because the current situation with the Emperor is unfavorable. And reminds her second brother not to file any more complaints.

Something is secretly going on and Minglan subtly advises her father and second brother to get out of the way.

While Old Madam Sheng tells Minglan not to worry about them.

Minglan coughs and Xiaotao delivers her medicine. As Minglan takes a sip, she tells her brother that she plans on rethinking about the situation.

Since they still have time before Gu Tingye gets exiled.

Sheng Hong agrees that it’s a good idea. While Changbai comments that Minglan usually assesses the situation calmly before taking action.

However this time, she was too reckless. Before Changbai can comment further, Cuiwei reports that Nanny Xiang is here.

When Nanny Xiang comes in, she comments that Minglan’s maternal family is here.

And greets Old Madam Sheng.

She then reports that Madam Gu summons her for an important discussion.

And Rongjie speaks up telling Nanny Xiang that their households have nothing to do with each other.

So Nanny Xiang clarifies that it’s about the succession of the Marquis title. Just in case something happens to Minglan.

Shen Hong tells Nanny Xiang to get lost. Then Old Madam Sheng chimes in as well.

Unfavorable News

But Nanny Xiang remains undeterred and threatens Minglan with being unfilial if she doesn’t go.

Minglan counters that she’s already lost everything. Except her life.

She orders Xiaotao to inform the guards to tighten security so no one can easily enter and leave.

Then tells Nanny Xiang to get lost.

Love the family support here to kick out Nanny Xiang!

Sheng Hong runs after her with some sort of poker stick.

And Nanny Xiang takes off while commenting that this family is crazy.

At night, a soldier on a rush rushes through the city gates to report urgent news.

And the Emperor summons some officials to discuss military matters.

They didn’t think the situation at the borders would escalate so quickly.

Prince Huan proposes they let Gu Tingye come back from exile to help with the current situation.

story of minglan episode 72, emperor contemplates

The Emperor ignores his suggestion and asks Duke Ying how long their borders will last with the current food supplies.

Then Duke Ying offers to lead the army to take care of the situation while the Emperor orders his son to stay at the palace to comfort the Empress.

At court, General Shen proposes to let Gu Tingye come back from exile to serve as a vanguard in the army.

Since they don’t have enough capable soldiers.

Even Lord Wang supports the suggestion as well, putting the wellbeing of the country before his family.

Two more military officials come out to plead as well. And Prince Huan whispers to General Shen to suggest a common foot soldier.

So General Shen changes his suggestion to have Gu Tingye be used as a common foot soldier.

The Emperor reluctantly agrees.

Going off to the Borders

If the Emperor did what I think he did, he’s actually a very crafty Emperor. He made it seem like he was reluctant and had no choice.

When Duke Ying and General Shen set off, Minglan and Rongjie watch from a distance.

To send Gu Tingye off.

Madam Gu believes that this way, the Empress Dowager can get rid of Gu Tingye with no repercussions.

Since there are always casualties in war.

She believes in the end is in sight.

When Zhang Guifen comes to visit Minglan, she passes on some grave news.

While the Emperor hears about the army being wiped out.

Minglan struggles to breathe and the Emperor collapses from the news.

On another day, Madam Gu tells various servants to fill up the water urns next to the edges of the manor.

As if she’s preparing for something.

story of minglan episode 72, preparation

Then when she’s in the ancestral hall, Gu Tingwei bursts in to report rumors of his brother being dead.

Madam Gu confirms it when she comments that next door, they are preparing to wear white.

And then asks if her son is happy.

Gu Tingwei looks horrified.

Asking if his mother was involved. But instead of answering, Madam Gu tells her son that this household is all his now.

Gu Tingwei tells her he never wanted this. If anything happens to his brother, he will inform the Emperor to pass the Marquis title to his brother’s son.

And Madam Gu slaps him. She doesn’t know what to do with him.

At night, Minglan gets notified by Cuiwei that there’s a summons from the palace. But she doesn’t recognize the individuals.

story of minglan episode 72, strangers from the palace

Chaos in the Capital

When Minglan meets these eunuchs from the palace, she thinks something is odd.

Especially when they claim to come from the Empress’ palace.

The main eunuch tells Minglan that she’s been requested to head to the palace for her protection.

But Minglan refuses because it doesn’t add up. The Empress has just two head eunuchs to bring messages and neither of them are here.

Soldiers come in to capture the eunuchs. And Minglan orders someone to inform the other noble families.

That someone is pretending to fake imperial edicts to get their families into the palace.

So others can threaten the government with them.

Shitou and another soldier drags off these people while Minglan wonders about the time.

Xiaotao comments that she hears disturbance outside. Minglan orders for hot oil and rocks near the courtyard walls.

Looks like she’s preparing for a siege.

Meanwhile, soldiers barge into the city, killing people left and right. Sheng Hong looks outside and sees the soldiers killing people while Changbai orders servants to man the walls.

They must not let anyone through.

Old Madam Sheng worries about Minglan but Changbai reassures her that Minglan is better off than they are.

Because Gu Tingye left her some soldiers.

They have no idea she’s as capable as a military strategist. ^^

So then Sheng Hong worries about their own household. But Changbai believes everything will be okay if they guard the doors and the walls.

Meanwhile, Zhang Guifen takes the lead in her household. Ordering her servants to keep the place bright and light so they don’t miss anything.

She has a sword by her side and isn’t afraid to take action.

story of minglan episode 72, Zhang guifen guards shen household

Back at the Gu household, Nanny Xiang opens the back door to Chen Yuan. Letting several assassins through and someone dressed in light blue.

Attack on Chen Yuan

Minglan takes a front seat as several soldiers stand before the gates to Chen Yuan.

Some imperial soldiers claim they are here to escort Minglan to the palace for protection.

But her soldiers refuse the invite.

Meanwhile the assassins that entered from the back creep steadily through the back and wait.

In the front Minglan orders her soldiers to release the arrows when imperial soldiers charge.

And the assassins get caught by soldier Tu.

During the scuffle, Rongjie holds Tuan’er in her arms with Nanny Chang sitting beside her.

Rongjie admits she’s afraid but Nanny Chang reassures her to stay calm.

In the palace, Noble Consort Liu meets up with her brother-in-law. Who has the place surrounded. But they need the Empress Dowager.

To justify their actions.

Getting deja vu with this Noble Consort’s actions from the prior Emperor’s consort.

Minglan gets a report that there’s another person who came in with the assassins. Wearing a hooded veil.

She realizes that someone else may be in danger and rushes towards the back.

Leaving Cuiwei and others to handle the front.

It’s Manniang. She rushes to attack the two maids guarding Rongjie’s courtyard.

And Nanny Chang opens the doors to see what’s happening.

Bad timing.

Manniang struggles with Nanny Chang and ends up slamming her next to a door.

Causing Nanny Chang to pass out.

But the moment Manniang enters the room, Rongjie whacks Manniang.

story of minglan episode 72, Rongjie defends

When she sees it’s her mother, she stops.

The two struggle and Rongjie gets flung aside. Manniang goes for the kill.

She hesitates a bit but raises her knife.

Then gets whacked in the head by Nanny Chang.

Just in time.

Minglan arrives seeing Manniang is dead.

She immediately takes Rongjie into her arms to comfort her.

Gu Tingye is Not Dead

The soldiers are planning to use ladders to climb the walls.

So she needs to take the children some place safe.

Back at the palace, the Emperor and the Empress know they are surrounded by enemy soldiers.

But Prince Huan reassures them that he will protect them.

Outside of the capital, Gu Tingye shows up in full armor. Alongside General Shen.

They wait for a signal and charge into the city.

Meanwhile, Minglan takes her children to safety. She leads her group to a remote area with a hidden room.

And orders Shitou to protect Nanny Chang, Rongjie and Tuan’er.

She promises Rongjie she’ll return to free them when it’s safe. But Rongjie worries she’ll be gone just like the others.

story of minglan episode 72, Minglan protects Rongjie

And calls Minglan mother.

Aww such a touching moment!

Minglan and Xiaotao cover the hidden area well before heading back out.

Minglan wonders if Xiaotao is afraid. Xiaotao is but wants to go with Minglan nonetheless.

Prime Minister Han and his family gets dragged out of their home. And just when the Prime Minister is about to get beheaded. An arrow flies out.

Straight into the attacker’s head.

Then Gu Tingye rushes through on his horse as several soldiers run after him.

Gu Tingye yells that he has other matters to take care of and can’t stop to chat.

While Prime Minister Han wonders what the heck is going on.

I feel like Prime Minister was voicing the viewer’s who got confused during the last few episodes. Hahaha

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Omigosh, can we just give a big round of applause to all the strong females in this episode? Minglan and Zhang Guifen were just sooooo awesome!

Taking charge and defending their households during times of crisis.

Rongjie for standing up to her would-be-attacker. And Nanny Chang for trying to defend against Manniang. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

So many things happened in Story of Minglan episode 72 and quite fast too.

Loved the rare family moment when Changbai, Sheng Hong and Old Madam Sheng wanted to chase out Nanny Xiang.

Gu Tingye getting sent off as a foot solider and then returning as a general wasn’t much of a surprise. I don’t think he would get killed that easily.

Yet Madam Gu was so happy to hear that. The end was so near that she could taste it. Victory was at hand so she couldn’t help believe in it.

While her son, Gu Tingwei is just horrified. That his mother could be this vicious towards his own brother.

Noble Consort Liu plotted this but without the Empress Dowager backing her up, she will be treated as a rebel.

Do you think the Empress Dowager will support her?

What were your thoughts on Story of Minglan episode 72?

Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

How come the part where prostitute wei buys back her freedom and leaves with a man is cut out from your recap?

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Do you know who she left with?

Prim Keene
Prim Keene
3 years ago

Where is it? How could i didnt know there’s a scene like this

4 years ago

And we are heading to a finale! 🙂 The last two episodes are so satisfying, I hardly know where to start with my impressions!   *joining you in the applause for the all strong female characters*   It’s kind of rare for Minglan to experience a family support from multiple members of her household, but better late than never. Changbai probably realizes that there is more going on than it seems, while Sheng Hong is clueless as always. I loved when Rongjie spoke up and defended Minglan! This episode shows how far they came as a mother and daughter and… Read more »

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