The Story of Minglan Episode 8 Recap

This episode is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Story of Minglan Episode 8!

Plot wise, I don’t think this show is too slow.

But there’s a lot of characters so if you feel lost, let me know!

Story of Minglan Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Yuan Ruo’s mother (Duchess Qi) is suspicious of her son’s latest behavior and investigates
  • Nanny Chang arrives from the city of Hanzhou to support Gu Tingye
  • The past of Gu Tingye’s mother is explained

So far we’ve seen the inner workings of the Sheng family, a bit of the Gu family and now we get to see a bit of the Qi family.

Let’s jump right into the Story of Minglan Episode 8 recap!

Gu Tingye is a Bad Influence

The servant who was trailing after Gu Tingye and Shitou ends up stopping off to the side.

Because he noticed them getting off of their horses. As he trails off in a corner street he is caught unaware and grabbed by Shitou.

He’s been caught.

Gu Tingye and Shitou pin the servant in place by the legs in a half split.

For interrogation.


Gu Tingye gives the servant two choices:

  1. He leaves the Gu household and makes his own living, never speaking to a Gu member again OR
  2. He accepts a harsh beating by Shitou

The servant initially chooses the beating.

But when Shitou demonstrates his strength by lifting a heavy wagon wheel made of stone, the servant changes his mind.

And bolts, promising to never come back to the city again.

However Shitou warns Gu Tingye that more may come. Because the Gu household won’t stop attempting to find out about his mistress.

Gu Tingye knows and will take it one step at a time. Until he makes a name for himself.

Back at the Gu household, Madam Gu and Gu Tingyu (Tingye’s older, frail brother) are discussing about Gu Tingye’s recent behavior.

While Gu Tingyu states his concerns about Gu Tingye’s hidden mistress, the Madam shares her thoughts.

She assumed her son would learn from Gu Tingye and become a more accomplished scholar.

Yet Tingwei only learned his bad habits. Like going out with friends for drinking and brothels.

So Gu Tingyu is stressed that the Gu household would have no future if something happens to him and his father.

But Madam Gu tells Gu Tingyu to stay positive, he’s just frail not uncurable.

Qi Household

Duchess Qi front and center

Duchess Qi walks through the manor and orders a maid to stop where she’s going.

Noticing that her hair is loose and the person in question is all prettied up.

Duchess Qi knows this maid was planning to seduce her son. She then orders to have the maid sold off .

Then takes this time to warn others before her.

If she catches ANY of them trying to do the same thing, she will make sure they don’t leave this place intact.

Very protective mother here. Better not cross her.

After taking care of this, she strolls into her son’s room. Noticing that he’s lost in thought.

Duchess Qi clears her throat and Yuan Ruo jolts awake and greets her.

She wonders if he’s stuck on a assignment and volunteers to help out.

But Yuan Ruo steers the conversation away to greeting the Sheng household. And thanking them for their care.

Would she really allow it if he was honest?

Duchess Qi thinks it’s strange that her son wants to get closer to the Sheng household.

And starts to pry into it. But Yuan Ruo brushes it off as being generous.

While his mother tells him that the two households differ in status so it’s not good for them to cater to a “lower” household.

She then tells him to focus on the upcoming exams and leaves him some pastries to snack on.

Duchess Qi leaves and summons Buwei (Yuan Ruo’s personal servant) for questioning.

She doesn’t get the answer she wants so she warns Buwei the consequences of hiding things from her.

Because she knows he’s lying.

Nanny Chang from Hanzhou

Previously, Gu Tingye requested leave from school to help situate a relative.

Nanny Chang has arrived!

Nanny Chang has arrived from the city of Hanzhou to support Gu Tingye.

But Gu Tingye just wants her to enjoy life because she served his mother and him enough already.

Then Gu Tingye reveals the real reason why he had her live outside the Gu manor.

And she knows. It’s because of his mistress and his kids.

As long as his mistress is kind and genuine to him, Nanny Chang can accept her.

But when she hears that the mistress is from a poorer background (a songstress), she’s concerned about Gu Tingye’s future.

Indeed, Gu Tingye may be duped with a white lotus.

Madam Kong

Madam Kong arrives at the Sheng household. Both Minglan and Rulan greet her while Wang Ruofu expresses her eagerness for her arrival.

She tells Madam Kong that these two girls are inexperienced and have much to learn.

So if Madam Kong needs to beat it into them, she shouldn’t hold back.


At the same time, Wang Ruofu notices Madam Lin peering in from outside and silently gestures a maid servant to get rid of them.

The maid tells Madam Lin that Wang Roufu is currently hosting Madam Kong, who has come to teach etiquette to Minglan and Rulan.

And because Molan has impeccable manners, she doesn’t need those lessons.

Madam Lin disagrees but can’t get any closer as the maid servant threatens to pour dirty water on them.

Madam Lin reluctantly leaves but she’s determined to get her daughter the chance to attend those classes.

Gu Tingye’s Mother

When Nanny Chang sees Gu Tingye’s bare back full of old beating scars and new, she almost tears up.

Complaining that his father is so heartless.

She laments and sighs, saying that there were some things she wanted to bring to her grave but if Gu Tingye wants to know.

She will tell him about his mother’s history.

Nanny Chang explains how his mother, a daughter of a salt merchant was able to marry into a family that gained merits through the military.

In those turbulent times, his maternal grandfather just wanted his daughter to marry into a good family.

So when he heard there was a household in the capital looking for a wife, he looked into it. It was the other two Gu households, Gu Tingye’s current uncles that wanted to get married.

And they were infamous for visiting brothels.

While Gu Yunkai, the other candidate was already married. So the matter was dropped.

But then later on, Gu Yunkai’s former wife passed away from an illness so Gu Yunkai’s parents asked for marriage.

Strange coincidence.

Gu Tingye’s grandfather thought it was a good arrangement so the marriaged was settled.

And his daughter moved to the capital.

But that’s when she discovered that things were odd.

Gu Tingye’s mother in the past

After giving birth to Gu Tingye and getting pregnant again, she encounters a woman telling the young Gu Tingyu that his mother died from heartbreak.

Because Gu Yunkai was forced to marry Gu Tingye’s mother to pay off debts.

When Gu Tingye’s mother confronts Gu Yunkai about it, he brushes it off as nonsense. So she believed it.

Which causes her to go into a difficult labor and taking her life.

So sad T_T Poor Gu Tingye’s mother.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Sheng Hong and Madam Lin are sharing a meal together at night.

He recites a poem. Demonstrating his feelings about gazing a beauty under the dim lighting.

And Madam Lin complains that she’s getting old.

But Sheng Hong disagrees.

No matter how old she gets, he will always have her in his heart.

And this is why Wang Ruofu is the wife in name. She has the power and status but no love from Sheng Hong.

Madam Lin is so sly, starting with how she doesn’t regret following Sheng Hong and then subtly hinting that Molan has been upset.

And then mentioning how Wang Ruofu yelled at her and not allowing her daughter to attend Madam Kong’s lessons.

Of course, the killer move was how Madam Lin blames herself for being low status.

Not being able to give Molan the status she deserves.

Pulling on Sheng Hong’s weakness.

Since it’s something he can relate. Being concubine born himself.

Oh but the final touch was when Madam Lin guesses out loud that main wife hates her so much because she has Sheng Long’s favor.

Mentioning that in this household he’s the boss, not Wang Ruofu. So why is it that Molan can’t attend classes?

Sheng Hong then storms off.

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What did you think of this Story of Minglan Episode 8? Duchess Qi is a strict mother and arrogant woman.

She was raised in the palace (a former princess) so she has her own standards about who her son should fancy.

Good luck Minglan! And if Minglan can’t make the cut, I’m pretty sure Molan can’t either.

Duchess Qi will definitely not stand for any type of white lotus act.

If Yuan Ruo had to choose between Minglan and his mother, will he choose Minglan? I have a feeling he won’t since he won’t go against his mother.

And then Gu Tingye’s mother. It’s implied that she died from having a difficult labor with Gu Tingye’s sibling. The backstory is just so sad but I feel like there’s another piece to it.

Did anyone notice that the woman speaking to the young Gu Tingyu sounded just like the current Madam Gu?

And it turns out Gu Yunkai (Gu Tingye’s father) married the sister of his first wife? Hmm, very interesting. I don’t think the death of Gu Tingyu’s mother was so accidental.

Something seems off.

It seems like every household has its own problems. I wonder if it was easier in those days to be a normal household. Yes, you would be worrying about putting food on the table but there’s less backstabbing?

Madam Lin is just too powerful as a white lotus. Wang Ruofu can’t even hold a candle to her.

Any thoughts about this Story of Minglan Episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

What strikes me interesting is the whole everything is something you’ve seen before aspect. BTW she’d already had Tingye and was pregnant with his sibling when she found out the truth there’s a scene of her with baby Tingye and when she’s arguing with hubby one of her complaints is that he’s cold with her son and she says when she divorces him she’ll leave him the money just take herself and her children back to her maiden home. I know this is all the set up but rewatching it again and reading it through your eyes I can’t help… Read more »

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