The Story of Minglan Episode 9 Recap

Let’s go over what happened in Story of Minglan Episode 9. It seems like this show stresses the importance of how women can ruin a a household. We have a white lotus in the Sheng household already and it seems Gu Tingye may have one as well?

Story of Minglan Episode 9 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Tingye introduces his mistress, Manniang to Nanny Chang, who immediately dislikes her
  • Madam Kong continues with lessons at the Sheng household and notices a hidden gem
  • Minglan meets up with her maternal aunt, it looks like she hasn’t forgotten what happened in the past

We’re so close to the double digits! Must march on! Without further adieu, let’s get into the Story of Minglan Episode 9!

Molan Shouldn’t be Left Out

In the morning, Sheng Hong heads over to Wang Roufu’s courtyard but hesitates at the entryway.

He contemplates for a moment then heads over to his mother’s place instead.

Sheng Hong helps Old Madam Sheng with her incense container and makes small talk.

Mentioning how Minglan and Rulan’s etiquette has improved so much because of Madam Kong’s teachings.

Old Madam Sheng knows what he is getting at

While Molan is all alone at the academy.

Old Madam Sheng tells Sheng Hong that if Molan misses her sisters, she should visit them when she finishes up her classes.

It’s interesting how Sheng Hong talks in circles and doesn’t get to the point with his mother.

Eventually Old Madam Sheng tells Sheng Hong that his main wife calls the shots when it comes to their guests.

So if he wants Madam Kong to teach Molan, he will have to discuss it with his wife.

Nanny Chang Meets Manniang

Meanwhile, Gu Tingye brings his mistress Manniang and his two children to greet Nanny Chang.

Nanny Chang looks displeased.

Manniang, Gu Tingye’s mistress

I don’t know about you but her smile irks me somehow. It looks fake.

Manniang mentions that she made some soft pastries for Nanny Chang to enjoy.

As a small gesture of her respect.

But Nanny Chang refuses with blunt sentences. Gu Tingye steps in because he feels like Nanny Chang is making it difficult for Manniang.

He tells her that Manniang will eventually enter the Gu household with him and Nanny Chang counters that Manniang cannot be his legitimate wife.

Manniang tells the two of them that she doesn’t care for status as long as she can stay by Gu Tingye’s side.

Suuure. So what was that expression that flickered on your face when Nanny Chang mentioned legitimate wife?

So Nanny Chang shares her concerns. Without marrying a legitimate wife first, Gu Tingye already has a mistress. Not to mention two children borne by her.

No lady in the capital will agree to marry him because of this.

Gu Tingye counters that he doesn’t mind lowering his standards. As long as his main wife to-be is virtuous and gentle.

In other words, doesn’t mind sharing a husband with another woman.

Manniang then kneels in front of Nanny Chang and vows to not get up unless Nanny Chang allows her to be by Gu Tingye’s side.

Which angers Nanny Chang. So she leaves abruptly.

Woah, such a simmering glare. This woman is not what she seems either.

Gu Tingye chases after his nanny to try to convince her.

Nanny Chang believes Manniang is a person with poor character.

But Gu Tingye coaxes her some more. So Nanny Change relents. They can live here with her.

Showing Favoritism

Sheng Hong mentions to Wang Ruofu that Molan is not completely innocent from the prior incident.

So he believes she should be punished as well. And Wang Ruofu agrees.

Molan should kneel in the ancestral hall as well for a few days.

Because for one to learn, they must be punished first then take lessons.

Sheng Hong is reluctant to send Molan to the ancestral hall.

So he steers the conversation to how capable Madam Kong is. And how all daughters of the Sheng household should benefit from those lessons.

Because Wang Ruofu shouldn’t show favoritism.

Sheng Hong just HAD to poke at Wang Ruofu’s old wound

The two of them bicker and argue until Madam Kong arrives.

Sheng Hong thanks Madam Kong for her teaches and then mentions that he has another daughter.

Who is interested in taking lessons from her.

Madam Kong doesn’t mind and agrees.

But Wang Ruofu feels like she’s lost.

So Molan starts showing up for Madam Kong’s lessons. And Rulan can’t help but comment how Madam Lin’s skills are.

No matter how difficult it is, she always gets her way.

Off to the side, Minglan pretends to take a nap.

Please don’t get me involved

Once Madam Kong arrives, all three daughters greet their teacher.

The Molan tries to show off by presenting a book full of poems she’s written to Madam Kong. And asking Madam Kong to give her some pointers.

But Madam Kong tells her that her skills in poetry are lacking. Then gives her a heads up that her words may come off harsh.

Before ordering the servants to move the desks such that everyone is horizontally in the same position. No desk can be in front of any others.

Basically demonstrating that Madam Kong will not favor anyone.

Sheng Household’s Hidden Gem

At night, Minglan works on some embroidery for an aunt while a close maid asks if she has enough time to read the literary assignment.

Minglan reveals how she’s already read it while the servants comment how she must stay under the radar.

How would Molan and Rulan feel if they knew Minglan was ahead of them?

That’s why Minglan must pretend.

Minglan then gets a letter from someone and finds out her maternal aunt is coming to visit her.


Meanwhile, at Old Madam Sheng’s courtyard, Madam Kong wonders why Old Madam Sheng doesn’t personally teach Minglan.

Since she knows these small “tricks”.

So Old Madam Sheng reveals how delicate her position is. She can be the boss of her own courtyard but everywhere else has someone else.

Madam Kong then goes on to praise Minglan while Old Madam Sheng downplays Minglan’s skills.

For example, Madam Kong tells her that Minglan takes good notes, highlighting the important points of her lessons. While Old Madam Sheng says it’s a stupid method.

Since she cannot remember the points she must write it down.

It gets to the point where Madam Kong can’t stand it anymore and states that she’ll leave tomorrow.

But Old Madam Sheng’s trusted maid servant stops her.

Prompting Madam Kong to complain further. Why bother raising a girl in your household if you end up detesting her?

Which triggers Old Madam Sheng to speak honestly.

Madam Kong and Old Madam Sheng are great friends XD

Old Madam Sheng’s true feelings

Old Madam Sheng doesn’t want to hold Minglan back because she’s getting on in age.

Warning Madam Kong that the more you praise Minglan, the more danger you bring to her.

Because there are two other daughters in this household. One that has the status and one that is favored.

And she knows that Minglan worries about bringing trouble to her so she endures.

Heck, even Old Madam Sheng herself endures.

Grandma Sheng, you’re awesome! And the only one who cares for Minglan in this household.

Rulan’s Thoughts on Marriage

Rulan wants to stop attend Madam Kong’s lessons because it’s too difficult.

And because she doesn’t need these skills for her future marriage. Since she doesn’t plan on marrying a noble family.

Rulan firmly believes she doesn’t have to strive as hard because she was born as a legitimate daughter.

Minglan’s Aunt comes to visit

Madam Lin’s trusted maidservant reports that Minglan’s aunt came to visit.

Minglan’s aunt ends up staying at Minglan’s courtyard.

Minglan’s maternal aunt on the left

The aunt is very careful, testing the food for poison and re-washing the bowls prior to eating.

She probably believes that Minglan hasn’t been living it easy here.

Well can you blame here? The last impression she had of the Sheng household was handling her sister’s funeral.

At night, the aunt sleeps in the same bedroom as Minglan. And reveals that she bumped into Xiaode, the former maid servant of her mother.

Xiao De swears to the heavens that she never stole anything back even when all evidence pointed to her.

Someone must have planted the evidence on her.

Minglan tries to analyze this and wonders what was the motive behind this. But is unable to figure it out.

While the aunt warns her that she needs to be cautious.

On the following day, Minglan and Xiaotao head back to their courtyard with ingredients to make a delicious meal.

When they are called out by Madam Lin’s head maid servant, Sister Zhou.

She wonders why she hasn’t seen Minglan’s aunt lately and wants to invite her to a meal.

But Minglan states that her aunt will be leaving the next day. Her aunt only came to pass along a message.


Too suspicious. Sister Zhou wants Minglan’s aunt to stay additional days?

Sister Zhou hurries back to Madam Lin and reports her findings to her. Madam Lin believes the behavior is too suspicious as well and asks Sister Zhou to watch her whereabouts.

An exercise that tests patience and character

Madam Kong mentions how burning incense can teach you tranquillity and calmness.

And allows Molan, Rulan and Minglan to try it first hand.

Rulan impatiently packs the incense powder tightly before placing a piece of coal in it.

And the smell is off, causing her to choke. Apparently she missed a step.

While Minglan is lost in thought, remembering the words her aunt left her. Xiaode was framed.

But who could it be?

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Between Manniang and Madam Lin, who do you think would win?

I personally think Madam Lin is better at acting like a white lotus. But that’s probably because she has more experience.

Poor Gu Tingye, he has NO idea. Well at least his nanny is sensible. Maybe she can help him see the light.

I loved how Madam Kong riled up Old Madam Sheng. They are definitely bosom buddies. ^^

And it’s true. Minglan has to be careful. She cannot show off because she will direct jealously and envy towards herself. She doesn’t have the status nor the favoritism that Molan and Rulan have.

T_T But at least she has the grandma!

Madam Lin may be prompted to act to hide her evidence from the past if she hasn’t done so already. Like they say, if you’re not guilty, you have nothing to worry about.

I thought Rulan’s take on marriage was interesting. Is it because she has seen how unhappy her sister is after marrying into a noble family? And in contrast, Molan so desperately wants to marry a higher status because she grew up struggling.

With her concubine daughter status. If Molan saw Hualan’s struggle, would she think the same? Or would she think Hualan is just unskilled?

What were your thoughts on this Story of Minglan Episode 9? Leave a comment below!

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4 years ago

Episode 9 was always an interesting episode for me. It was the start of Minglan finding out the truth about her mother as well as gaining the tools via Madam Kong to learn the manipulative wiles to get a form of justice for her mother. Poor Tingye, I’d feel more sorry for him if it wasn’t for the fact that he brought a lot of it on himself. He was so desperate for love and to be different from his father that he overlooked warning signs about Manniang and warnings from others like Nanny Chang and in the future Minglan.… Read more »

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