The Untamed Episode 1 Recap

I fell in love with the anime series Mo Dao Zu Shi so when I saw that there was a drama adaptation, I had to watch it! Read below on my thoughts about this episode in this Untamed Episode 1 recap!

But can we take a moment to praise the OST? Isn’t it just beautiful?

The Untamed Episode 1 Recap Highlights:

  • Wei Wu Xian dies and comes back in another body
  • Familiar acquaintances show up
  • A mysterious possessed arm causes massive slaughter

So without further adieu, let’s jump into the Untamed episode 1 recap!

Wei Wuxian’s Death

16 years ago.

Several voices narrate their thoughts.

Wei Wuxian is finally dead!

Good riddance!

Thank goodness the major clans: Jiang, Lan, Jin and Nie combined forces to get rid of this nefarious villain!

The Jiang clan adopted Wei Wuxian out of the goodness of their heart, but they ended up raising a merciless devil.

So how did Wei Wuxian repay them? By turning against everyone!

Wei Wuxian or Wei Ying (courtesy name)

Wei Wuxian looks down on the battlefield with disbelief written all over his face.

That does NOT look like a merciless devil who turned his back on everyone.

He looks so forlorn as if he has nothing to live while everyone is frantically fighting to possess the tiger seal.

A mysterious amulet that seems to drive everyone insane. Because they all want to possess it.

Did he get betrayed?

Various thoughts echo at the beginning to highlight everyone’s hate towards him so that seems likely.

But what did he do to earn everyone’s hate?

Wei Wu Xian

But he does have at least ONE good friend though. The sole person who reached out to save him when he was falling off of a cliff.

Lan Wangji.

Despite his severe wounds, he reached out.

the untamed episode 1 recap, desperation
Lan Wangji (Lan Zan)

And then there’s Jian Cheng.

Who looks at Wei Wu Xian with contempt and doesn’t even hesitate to thrust a sword at him.

What’s their story?

So many unresolved mysteries.

Sixteen Years Later

Mo Yuanyu sacrifices himself to summon Wei Wuxian to help him get revenge on the Mo Family.

Because just like everyone else, Mo Yuanyu believes Wei Wuxian is a heartless, cold-blooded killer.

The perfect individual to help him with his revenge. So in exchange for giving his body, Mo Yuanyu wants Wei Wuxian to kill everyone for him.

the untamed episode 1 recap, summoning Wei Wuxian
Such a bloody mess to summon someone for revenge T_T

Everyone describes Wei Wu Xian as someone who fell into darkness but what’s the true story?

There’s definitely a deeper plot being hinted and I’m curious to find out what truly happened 16 years ago.

Meanwhile, Wei Wu Xian needs to fulfill Mo Yuanyu’s will before he can continue living.

As the repercussions for not doing so will be severe.

Despite Wei Wu Xian’s reluctance, something foul is afoot. Because there are several murders in the Mo family.

Gusu Lan Clan members show up to exorcise evil spirits and Wei Wu Xian can’t help but recall someone from that clan.

It’s probably a close friend considering Wei Wuxian’s melancholy.

the untamed episode 1 recap, Lan Wangji
Lan Wangji aka Han Guang Jun (Lan Zan)

When the Gusu Lan members struggle with containing the possession of Mo family members, they issue a signal flare for help.

And Lan Wang Ji shows up to resolve the issue.

While Wei Wu Xian bails before Lan Wang Ji could recognize him.

I could sense Lan Wang Ji’s sadness when he tried to chase after Wei Wu Xian, wondering if it’s truly him.

Overall I thought this was a great first episode for this show. The audience is intrigued about the mysteries regarding Wei Wu Xian’s past.

Was he truly a villain like everyone said he was? I guess we will find out!

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The series has a very beautiful opening theme song. I heard how good the songs are in this television series. But hearing it is a different story.

It. Is. Just. That. Good.

There are no lyrics but the instrumentals are so powerful that they tug at my heartstrings. It seems to be alluding to the complexity of emotions that are likely the highlight of this show.

A separation and reunion of friends maybe?

Either way, I think the song is beautiful and a great introduction to the show at first glance.

So many unresolved mysteries! Must watch the next episode to see the mystery surrounding Wei Wuxian’s death.

What were your thoughts on the Untamed episode 1? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

I watched about 10 episodes of this, and it is very gorgeous, interesting story, but somehow kind of … sloppy? Imagine if it had the tight writing of Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜,that would be unstoppable. Main character is cool though.

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