The Untamed Episode 2 Recap

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Ahhh there are so many mysteries from the first episode! Let’s see what happens next in this Untamed Episode 2 recap!

Untamed Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • The show introduces additional characters to the audience
  • Wei Wu Xian reminisces about the past
  • More unraveled mysteries

Jian Cheng’s Hatred Towards Wei Wu Xian

The show has just started but Jian Cheng’s hatred towards Wei Wu Xian is obvious.

Except we don’t know why yet.

And instead of defending himself, Wei Wu Xian just takes it. Does he owe Jian Cheng a debt?

Jian Cheng also shows disgust towards anything related to Wei Wu Xian as well.

We see this when he tells Jin Ling to kill Mo Yuanyu (Wei Wu Xian’s new body) and feed him to the dogs. After seeing him show skills related to the Yiling Patriarch (aka Wei Wu Xian).

I also have another thought though. Intense hatred usually stems from betrayal of a close bond so were Jian Cheng and Wei Wu Xian close before?

Then we see a new character in the show: Jin Ling. He’s offended quite easily after hearing Mo Yuanyu’s comment about him not having a mom.

He probably got bullied about that growing up as a kid. Poor guy.

Wei Wu Xian slapping himself surprised me. After hearing that Jin Ling is the son of his Shi Jie (senior sister of the same clan).

What does her death have to do with him? More mysteries.

Jin Ling
Jian Cheng

Lan Wang Ji’s Protection

In contrast, Lan Wang Ji continues to protect Wei Wu Xian or at the least the body he currently occupies.

Which puts him at odds with Jian Cheng.

Meanwhile, all this is happening as Wei Wu Xian tries to avoid his past acquaintances.

Is because of guilt? Or is there another reason?

Wen Clan & Wen Ning

And of course, more characters show up before anything else is clarified.

Who is Wen Ning? Besides his nickname of the ghost general.

Again Wei Wu Xian is affected by the appearance of his character too.

Wen Ning

Apparently, Wen Ning is closely tied to the Yiling Patriarch and is known to be a villain.

So everyone tries to kill him before he escapes with no luck.


Wei Wu Xian is back from the dead and so far it’s not enjoyable to him at all. He shows guilt towards several characters and we don’t know why yet.

While everyone else seems to hate him.

When Mo Yuanyu summoned him from the dead, was it really just for revenge or part of a bigger plot?

Because it just so happens that when he’s back, there’s a presence of the tiger seal? And then the appearance of Wen Ning?

That’s too many coincidences.

I wonder if someone is behind the scenes and pulling the strings.

At the same time, I wonder what Wei Wu Xian thinks of his second chance. The audience doesn’t get to hear his thoughts but his expressions are very melancholy.

“I really wish I could go back to 16 years ago” – Wei Wu Xian

His voice is tinged with regret as we flashback to the past. A younger version of him, Jian Cheng and his Senior Sister.

The three of them looked very close, making the audience even more curious about what happened.

It’s my first time seeing Sean Xiao in action and I love his expressions. He plays the sides of Wei Wu Xian pretty well.

From the playfulness to the seriousness and I’m interested to see more.

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What did you think of this episode? Any thoughts or speculations in this Untamed Episode 2 recap that resonate with you?

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Thank you for your thoughtful recaps! I would love to read more for the next episodes. 🙂


are you ever posting about episode 3? 🙁