The Untamed Episode 3 Recap

The opening song is so beautiful! I don’t think I can get tired of listening to it! We’re back for the Untamed Episode 3 recap!

The last episode ended up bringing us back to the past! When Wei Wu Xian, and Jian Cheng were still on good terms.

So what happened that caused them to drift apart?

Let’s find out!

The Untamed Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Wei Wu Xian, Jian Cheng and their Senior Sister journey together to listen lectures from the Gusu Lan clan
  • Strange disappearances prompt Gusu Lan clan to investigate it further
  • Unforeseen danger is lurking in the background

Meeting of Other Clans

A blast to the past.

Wei Wu Xian, Jian Cheng and their Senior Sister end up resting at a nearby inn because they plan on ascending the mountain to the Gusu Lan clan.

But before they can get comfortable, the inn’s worker tells them that they have no more rooms available.

Then two females come up to the inn’s worker and thanks him for allowing their young master to book the entire in.

With further instructions to pass along some scented pouches.

At the mention of a young master from the Jin clan, Wei Wu Xian and Jian Cheng’s Senior Sister is momentarily stunned.

Does she have a relationship with him?

But Wei Wu Xian scoffs thinking that the young master from the Jin clan is so arrogant to have booked the entire inn.

And comes up with a plan to stay here.


Wei Wu Xian ends up pranking one of the females earlier named Mianmian with a famous poem.

Which gets her attention to make it easier for him and his party to stay.

But Jian Cheng admonishes Wei Wu Xian for using his “playboy” ways to snatch some rooms back.

Later on, Jin Zixuan shows up.

Jin Zixuan, Young master of the Jin Clan

At first glance, he appears haughty and arrogant when he questions the inn’s quality.

And then comparing the interior furniture to the ones at the Jin clan. It looks like he’s quite used to wealth.

What does the Senior Sister see in him!?

The two groups cross paths when Jin Zixuan decides to head upstairs to take a look at the rooms.

It kinda feels like a one-sided love from Wei Wu Xian’s Senior Sister. But it could be just me.

Entering Gusu Lan Mountain

Wei Wu Xian dubs Jin Zixuan as a peacock, which is quite fitting. Considering his arrogant and haughty demeanor.

When Wei Wu Xian’s party arrives at Gusu Lan’s mountain, they realize they left the invitation at the prior inn.

And without an invitation, they are denied entry.


Despite Wei Wu Xian’s pleading, the gate keeper doesn’t budge.

And then Lan Wangji shows up, escorting a body into the mountain.

Something is definitely strange.

Lan Wangji firmly stresses that no one is allowed entry without an invitation.

And he doesn’t look like he’s willing to budge so Wei Wu Xian decides to head back down the mountain to look for the invitations.

Gusu Lan Clan Has Too Many Rules

Later that night, Wei Wu Xian returns and breaks the barrier into the Gusu Lan mountain.

He camps out at the rooftop before he’s interrupted by Lan Wanji. Who is staring at him and narrating that he broke several rules already.

By entering past curfew and bringing in liquor.

But Wei Wu Xian tries to convince him to let him off. Since it’s his first offense.

However, Lan Wangji is a stickler for the rules.

The two of them engage in a mock battle and Wei Wu Xian loses a precious bottle of “The Emperor’s Smile” (type of alcohol).

Gusu Lan Clan Rules – What sane person would commit these to memory!????

Wei Wu Xian then hops onto a nearby roof to drink his last bottle of “Emperor’s Smile” in front of Lan Wangji.

Almost like he’s mocking him.

In return, Lan Wangji uses the silence spell on Wei Wu Xian to silence him from speaking any further.

Hahahaha I think Wei Wu Xian has met his match.

And then forces him to come with him.

The two of them end up in front of Lan Wanji’s brother and an elder of the Gusu Lan clan.

Who were investigating the body that Lan Wangji escorted up the mountain.

Wei Wu Xian is relieved from the silence spell and explains his situation, while expressing his concern over his Senior Sister and Jian Cheng.

But he still ends up getting punished.

To transcribe a book 300 times.

Ouch. Hands will cramp.

But the good news is that Lan Wangji allowed his group to enter the mountain without an invitation.

Wei Wu Xian discovers a good side to Lan Wangji despite his outward appearance.

He then comments that the body nearby wasn’t dead earlier in the day.

Creepy. What’s going on?

Dark Forces At Work

At another location, an arrogant elder man expresses his desire to restore some sort of sigil.

The Stygian Iron.

He orders nearby female to head to Gusu Lan to pick up another piece.

And allows Wen Ning to accompany her.

We get to see Wen Ning before he became the ghost general!?

It’s later apparent that he’s experimenting with human puppets who look like corpses. With the assistance of Xue Yang.

Xue Yang, Unknown affiliation

Wen Ruohan, the elder man earlier works with Xue Yang on completing the sigil. But Xue Yang appears to have his own plans.

Since he doesn’t follow Wen Ruohan’s orders blindly.

Wen Ruohan grits his teeth in frustration but he knows he needs Xue Yang’s information.

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What did you think of this Untamed Episode 3 recap? Jian Chang and Wei Wu Xian have such brotherly affection in the past.

So what caused Jian Cheng to hate him so much in the present? Guess we have to watch more to find out.

At the same time, I think it’s hilarious how Lan Wangji and Wei Wu Xian are such total opposites.

One possesses such a stiff personality while the other is carefree and easy going.

Can they ever be friends?

As for the Senior Sister and Jin Zixuan, I don’t see how she fell in love with him so I need to know the backstory. Because right now, I can only see him as an arrogant prick.

Sorry, but totally not my type. Some rich, pampered young master thinks he owns the world? No thanks.

What did you guys think of this episode? Leave a comment below!

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Thanks for this narrative

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Thanks for writing these recaps it helps me clear my confusion a lot especially with the relations and screencaps f the characters with their names !

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