The Untamed Episode 4 Recap

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I’m still alive and well despite being holed up at home. But what better way to catch up on C-Dramas right? What are you guys currently watching or re-watching?

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If you’re confused about how this show works, the first few episodes are the present while the rest is mostly the past. Working backwards.

The Untamed Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • Wen Clan comes to Gusu Lan clan but with ulterior motives
  • Wei Wuxian takes a carefree attitude despite coming to Gusu for lessons
  • During a lesson, Wei Wuxian shares his unorthodox thinking but is harshly reprimanded

Let’s jump right into The Untamed Episode 4 recap!

Teacher Ceremony

Wei Wuxian jolts awake and recalls that it’s the teacher greeting ceremony today (where new students pay their respects and present gifts).

So he rushes off and tries to make it on time.

His scripture copies scatter in the background.


After bowing and kneeling for respects, a senior disciple begins to read the Gusu Lan rules.

A total of 3,500 principles and regulations.

That’s a LOT of rules T_T. Who can memorize those!????

Wei Wuxian hears chirping noises around him as the rules are recited.

Someone has snuck in a little birdie.

Nie Huaisang

Nie Huaisang shows the bird briefly to Wei Wuxian.

A while later, each clan presents a gift to show their respect.

The Jin clan starts first.

Then the Nie clan goes next.

Various individuals in the crowd gossip about Meng Yao and the Nie clan. How Meng Yao is an illegitimate child.

While Meng Yao keeps his head down as he presents his gift.

Meng Yao, an assistant who came with Nie Huaisang to present the gift

Lan Xichen comments that the gift is uncommon and rare before accepting the gift.

With gratitude. And Meng Yao smiles faintly in return.

Anyone else getting vibes from these two? Or is it just me?

Then the Qishan Wen clan show up unannounced.

Wen Ning on the left, Wen Chao in the center, Wen Qing on the right

Wen Chao arrogantly proclaims that he’s only here to drop off a person.

Not to attend the lectures because the Wen clan educates their own.

Wei Wuxian chimes in and makes the issue worse.

Causing two sides to pull out their swords.

What makes the Wen clan so arrogant? Hmm

Lan Xichen pulls out his flute to force the swords out of everyone’s hands and settle the issue.

Qishan Wen Clan’s true Motive

They accept Wen Ning and Wen Qing to attend classes.

Wen Qing goes to a remote area and attempts to investigate something but is blocked by a barrier.

While Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang go catch some fish in the rivers.

But Wei Wuxian leaves to check up on something and ends up bumping into Wen Ning.

Wen Ning is cold and aloof towards Wei Wuxian while the latter wonders if she’s here for something important.

the untamed episode 4 recap, investigation at gusu lan clan
Wen Ning looks at him for an answer: It’s fishing! O.o

Wei Wuxian seems like a fool sometimes but has sharp intuition.

Later that night, Jian Cheng complains that Wei Wuxian has been nothing but trouble.

While his sister tells him to calm down and believe in Wei Wuxian. They only have a few days of free time before official classes begin.

As his sister explains, Jian Cheng gets reminded why his father likes Wei Wuxian so much.

But his sister reassures him that their father likes anyone who stands by their clan’s principles.

Isn’t that why he likes him too?

Wei Wuxian shows up with some grilled fish.

The three share a meal with a harmonious atmosphere.

Sigh, what could have cause Jian Cheng to hate Wei Wuxian in the present so much? Look at this family!

the untame episode 4 recap, familial bonds

Lectures Begin

Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang exchange notes in class as they are bored.

And the teacher doesn’t notice.

Wei Wuxian is such a prankster!

He puts the picture of a turtle on the teacher’s behind and everyone laughs.

Lan Wangji of course takes it off immediately and glares at Wei Wuxian.

Uh-oh Wei Wuxian just made an enemy, just kidding! Things must have changed over time

Who smiles back in response.

Lan Qiren, the teacher calls upon Wei Wuxian for causing disturbance and asks him several questions.

And Wei Wuxian answers them all. So his teacher proposes a more difficult scenario.

Which appears to stump Wei Wuxian. Lan Wanji answers it perfectly. If a murder dies with resentment and becomes a vengeful spirit, you can handle it with three ways.

  1. Liberate: Try to get the spirit to move on
  2. Suppress: Capture and suppress the spirit
  3. Eliminate: Eliminate the spirit

But then Wei Wuxian wonders if there’s a fourth method. What if they used the vengeful spirits of the people killed by the murderer?

To fight against the vengeful spirit of the murderer?

the untamed episode 4 recap, vengeful spirits

The teacher thinks that is preposterous and goes against the original goal.

Because they cannot be sure they can control the vengeful spirits.

Wei Wuxian dodges some scrolls flung at him in response.

And then leaves to go to the library as his punishment.

Lan Wangji will watch over him.

Meanwhile, Wen Ning practices archery in secret. And Wei Wuxian praises his skill.

Then offering to help improve his stance.

But then Wen Qing shows up and startles Wen Ning who accidentally releases an arrow.

Wei Wuxian reacts just in time to throw something to veer it off course.

Secrets of Gusu Lan

He wonders why she’s always here in the back of the mountain. Is she looking for something?

Wen Qing leaves abruptly instead of answering.

So Wei Wuxian wonders if there’s truly something secretive here.

He senses someone behind him and pulls out his sword. But it’s Lan Wangji.

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After seeing the first two episodes, the blast to the past tugs my heartstrings. What happened to break up the friendship between Jian Cheng and Wei Wuxian?

Such that the former wants to kill the latter? When they are so close with each other? T_T

Then Lan Wangji’s attitude towards Wei Wuxian is totally different as well.

I think Wei Wuxian is so adorable though. He’s playful but has great intuition and insight.

Despite his unorthodox ideas.

And then there’s Wen Ning. He looks like a lost abandoned puppy. Suppressed by his family.

Poor guy. What happened to him too? So many mysteries!

What were your thoughts on the Untamed episode 4? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

Am late to the drama so really enjoyed your recaps. That prank in the classroom was funny!😂

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