The Untamed Episode 5 Recap

Here’s The Untamed Episode 5 recap!

Okay, third time’s a charm! I’m determined to finish these episode recaps. For some reason, this show feels slow to me so it’s taking me awhile to write these recaps.

But I will finish these because everyone RAVES about this show. It just has a slow start.

Just like the Story of Minglan.

The Untamed Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Wei Wu Xian continues to be friendly with Lan Wangji, hoping they can become friends
  • Caiyi Town has an issue with water ghosts
  • A trip to take care of water ghosts hints at something darker at work

I’ve made a lot of progress since this blog started! Back in 2019, I was only able to recap Go Go Squid.

But this year I’ve finished the Story of Minglan, The Bad Kids and (hopefully) The Untamed as well. And this blog will continue to grow =D

Okay, I’ll stop now… Let’s jump into the Untamed episode 5 recap!

Trying to Become Friends

Wei Wuxian spars with Lan Wangji for a bit before stopping. He tries to inform him about the noise at the back of the mountain but Lan Wangji drags him off for punishment.

Lan Wangji has no problem writing for long periods of time. But Wei Wuxian takes a brief break.

And calls out to Lan Wangji using various names. He finally responds with a glare when Wei Wuxian uses his formal name: Lan Zhan.

But Wei Wuxian continues to ramble on.

Until Lan Wangji uses a silencing spell on him again.

Haha Wei Wuxian is just trying to be friends but Lan Wangji is used to quiet and silence.

Meanwhile, Wen Ning asks his sister, Wen Qing why she hasn’t been around much lately.

And if she’s looking for something.

Wen Qing recalls how her father asked her to find the other piece of a particular seal.

the untamed episode 5, wen qing's goal

Wen Ning doesn’t press his sister for answers but he doesn’t want her to tire out.

I love this pair of brother and sister. I wonder what Wen Ning’s illness is that he must keep drinking medicine?

Wen Qing laments how she cannot cure her own brother’s illness despite their family being doctors for generations.

Wei Wuxian tells Lan Wangji that he’s “finished” with copying his texts and leaves a gift for Lan Wangji.

But takes advantage of the situation to switch Lan Wangji’s text book with a porn book.

Lan Wangji shreds the porn book into shreds and tells him to get lost.

Later, Nie Huaisang applauds Wei Wuxian for having the ability to rile up Lan Wangji so much.

To the point he tells someone to get lost.

Dealing with Water Ghosts in Caiyi Town

One of the Gusu Lan disciples reports to Lan Xichen that the villagers of Caiyi town requests their assistance.

To get rid of water ghosts. Which is odd because the villagers there are all good swimmers.

So what led to a rise of water ghosts?? Hmmm

Lan Xichen thinks it’s odd so he asks Lan Wangji to go with him. Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng pay a visit to their senior sister.

And bump into Wen Qing. Who helped their senior sister out when she wasn’t feeling that well.

the untamed episode 5, senior sister

Wei Wuxian shamelessly brags that he was confined for three days so it’s no wonder that his senior sister got sick.

And Wen Qing can’t help but think about her relationship with her own brother.

When she sees their interactions.

Later, when Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen leave Gusu Lan to take care of the water ghosts in Caiyi town, they bump into another group.

Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian, and Wen Qing want to come along as well.

Despite Lan Wangji’s protests.

But Lan Xichen is fine with it. And then Wen Ning wants to join in as well. His sister believes it’s too dangerous but Wei Wuxian promises to protect him.

So she relents.

the untamed episode 5, lan xichen
Lan Xichen, in case anyone forgot

A party to take down the water ghosts! Adventure part 1 XD

When Wei Wuxian arrives at the town and checks out the local inn, he notices a lot of dust.

And asks the innkeeper if they never cleaned the place. However the innkeeper replies that their business has gone down ever since the local lake started “eating” people.

Aka causing people to disappear.

Wei Wuxian wants him to clarify what he means by that because water ghosts usually spawn from diseased critters in the water.

What is in Biling Lake

But the innkeeper comments that he has no idea what’s in the lake. It started with some ships sinking two months ago.

And ever since then, more and more ships have been sinking into the lake. No one can find the bodies of the people from the ships.

Wei Wuxian wonders if Lan Wangji (Lan Zhan) wants to bet with him to guess what’s under the lake.

But Lan Wangji refuses to participate.

At this rate, Lan Wangji’s vocab consists of “boring”, “worthless” and other one word phrases XD

That night, a fisherman fishes in Biling lake but gets attacked by something.

So the group sets out for Biling lake the next day.

The group borrows some boats to get closer to the center of the lake. And the lake is shrouded with mist.

Later, Wei Wuxian attempts to splash water on Lan Wangji, causing Lan Wangji to jump from his boat to Wei Wuxian’s.

And his own boat turns over. Revealing a sneaky little water ghost hanging on the underside.

But they don’t look like the usual water ghosts.

Instead of thanking him, Lan Wangji comments that he should stay away from him.

Cold as usual, maybe he’s not that good at expressing his feelings? Wei Wuxian doesn’t look like he will give up being friends with him though ahaha

Then the water ghosts try to attack their boat again and Wei Wuxian unsheathes his sword to attack the ghost.

Lan Wangji wonders what his sword name is and Wei Wuxian replies that it’s “Sui Bian.”

Wei Wuxian’s spirit sword’s name is “As One Wishes” aka Sui Bian

Wen Ning’s Weakness

Then the mist gets darker.

Jiang Cheng gets bitten by something and Wen Qing comes over to bandage his wound.

the untamed episode 5 recap, wen qing and jiang chen

I feel like these two have something going on, I may ship them ~ Jiang Cheng may have a fondness for gentle women

Moments later, the water starts to change, and Wei Wuxian comments that it’s the water demon.

The water demon plans on swallowing them on so they must ride on their swords into the air.

Someone has difficulty summoning their sword so Wen Ning wants to help except he looks like he’s possessed by something. Wei Wuxian tries to help but Lan Wangji ends up helping out.

And Lan Xichen seals the demon.

Back at the inn, Wei Wuxian checks on Wen Ning.

But his sister, Wen Qing wants him to let Wen Ning rest.

He gives a talisman to help protect Wen Ning.

Thinking Wen Ning is easily susceptible to ghost influences because of a traumatic experience.

The next day, the group heads back home. On the way back, Lan Wangji asks his brother if he thinks the water demon and disappearance of the cultivators are related.

Lan Xichen doesn’t know but he hopes it’s not.

Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian passes some loquats around. Lan Wangji doesn’t want any so he tosses one to Jian Cheng.

And then helps himself to buy some more “Emperor’s Smile” wine on the way back.

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Wei Wuxian is so adorable! He’s such a big ball of sunshine. And he wants to bring some of it to Lan Wangji.

Who clearly looks like he needs it. As he always looks like he’s lonely and brooding about something.

Will we get to see why Lan Wangji is like this? Probably in the next several episodes I hope?

Meanwhile, strange things are happening, are they truly coincidences? I wonder if they are all related to the seal that Wen Qing was tasked to retrieve from Gusu Lan mountain.

How did Wen Ning become the ghost general? And why does Jiang Cheng hate Wei Wuxian so much? So many questions but I have to just hold them until the story slowly unravels itself.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy this walk down memory lane as if the present didn’t happen XD

What were your thoughts on The Untamed episode 5 recap? Do you think the show starts off slow as well?

Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

How did he switch out the book for the porn one? Rewatched that scene a few times and still didn’t see where he was able to do that?

2 years ago
Reply to  aafa83

I was shocked when I saw that scene. They really show the content of the book…

3 years ago

I just finished watching this series last week. I watched the Special episodes/series first because it’s a shorter version of this drama so I didn’t get bored. I am not into BL so I am not really interested with the male leads relationship. I also find it very slow in the begging but I eventually got hooked to it. I decided to read the novel as well just to see the difference. IMO the best part of the series is the flashback – the whole thing that happened with WWX’s past. After that, it became boring for me. Still I… Read more »

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