The Untamed Episode 6 Recap

We’re back for The Untamed episode 6! What happens when Wei Wuxian invites Lan Wangji to celebrate with some wiiiiine?

He founds out something new and interesting about his friend XD

The Untamed Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Wei Wuxian, Jiang Chen and Nie Huaisang celebrate after dealing with the water ghosts
  • Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian discover a hidden area after resting their wounds at a remote spring
  • They encounter someone from the past and learn about the Yin Metal

So we’re learning more about the amulet various people tried to obtain from the beginning of the show.

Made of the Yin metal, the Stygian Tiger Seal. How was this tied to Wei Wuxian’s death?

Hopefully we can get some answers in the Untamed episode 6!


Nie Huaisang sneaks over to a room with a package in his hands and knocks a few times.

Wei Wuxian slowly opens the door and lets him in.

the untamed episode 6 recap, heaven's smile wine

Moments later, Nie Huaisang comments on how good the wine is.

Wei Wuxian agrees and describes the flavors of the wine. While Jiang Cheng thinks it’s too much.

Complaining that if they like wine that much, they might as well be partners with wine for life.

Nie Huaisang wonders if Jiang Cheng has a preference when it comes to women.

Even though Jiang Cheng threatens Wei Wuxian not to disclose it, he goes ahead anyway.

But the ruckus causes Lan Wangji to come over.

Lan Wangji is not pleased seeing them drink wine. Because it’s against the Gusu Lan rules.

If they won’t turn themselves in for punishment, he’ll get some backup and then return.

But the moment, he turns away, Wei Wuxian puts one of his charms on him.

So Lan Wanji freezes and is under Wei Wuxian’s control.

Wei Wuxian has him sit down and drink with him.

Lan Wangji downs a cup with no resistance.

I’m sure Wei Wuxian is having a lot of fun here, seeing his stoic friend break the rules XD

But then he passes out on the table.

LOL one shot, KO!

Later, Wei Wuxian helps him to a bed and then tries to touch Lan Wangji’s headband.

But he wakes up and dodges his touch. It turns out only parents and significant others can touch one’s headband from the Gusu Lan clan.

The two chat for a bit and Lan Wangji reveals he doesn’t have a mother.

Wei Wuxian stops joking around and realizes they are quite similar.

the untamed episode 6, lan wangji's parents

Then shares some of his past.

How he doesn’t remember his own parents.


Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji’s uncle returns after some investigation. And Lan Xichen gets him up-to-date on what has happened since he left.

The most important piece of news is regarding the water ghosts.

It turns out Wei Wuxian is the son of a female wanderer named Zangse and Wei Changze.

Humph no wonder his head is full of tricks…

Moments later, a disciple reports that they caught Wei Wuxian and several others with alcohol.

Including Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji shows up for punishment but Wei Wuxian comes to his defense. Stating that he didn’t drink wine with his own will.

But it doesn’t work anyway.

Because they all get punished.

Later Wei Wuxian hobbles along with his senior sister helping him. And Jiang Chen walks with them, wincing in pain as well.

His senior sister tells him to endure in the meantime and to take this as a lesson. In return, she will make some soup tonight.

Wei Wuxian and Jiang Chen look thrilled at the idea. As they continue to walk, they see Lan Xichen over in the distance. Wei Wuxian tries to turn back around but his senior sister prevents him from doing so.

They greet Zewu Jun (Lan Xichen’s title). Who tells Wei Wuxian a method to recover from his wounds faster.

Wei Wuxian takes the opportunity to ask about his mother as well.

And finds out that he is quite similar to his mother back in the day.

Meanwhile, Wen Qing sends a message back to Wen Ruohan in a few quick phrases.

the untamed episode 6 wen ruohan
Those who deal with dark powers always look their part…

The message she gets back makes her believe that the other piece of the seal is hidden in water.

Hidden Underground

Wei Wuxian makes his way towards the springs that help with wound recovery.

And sees that Lan Wangji is already there.

He tries to make some small talk with Lan Wangji but Lan Wangji ignores him.

the untamed episode 6 wei wuxian's approval

It only took some fighting and seeing Lan Wangji endure 300 hits from a wooden board… mmhmm

Moments later, Wei Wuxian senses something weird in the water and he gets pulled in.

Lan Wangji gets pulled in along right after as well.

The two enter an underground cave.

And it’s freezing cold.

As they head deeper into the cave, they find a mysterious guqin that is embedded with a seal.

That triggers waves of attacks on any intruders not part of the Gusu Lan clan.

So Wei Wuxian gets attacked until Lan Wangji uses his own powers to disperse the attacks.

Then proposes they share the Gusu Lan clan headband.

And Lan Wangji wraps it around Wei Wuxian’s wrist as well as his own. Before they inspect the guqin.

It likely belongs to one of the Gusu Lan elders.

Lan Wangji helps himself to a seat and plays a unique skill. That can help communicate with dead spirits.

Lan Wangji plays it and gets a strange response.

Where various voices ask for something called the Yin Iron.

And someone else shows up.

the untamed episode 6 lan yi
Lan Yi, previous sect leader of the Gusu Lan clan

Origin of the Yin Iron

Meanwhile, Lan Xichen informs his uncle that he’s already sent people to search for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

After they disappeared from the cold springs.

Lan Wangji greets his elder and Wei Wuxian follows up shortly.

Lan Yi reveals how she imprisoned her spirit here with a shard of the Yin Iron.

And tells the story of her biggest mistake. It turns out the Yin Iron was one whole piece before and not in fragments.

Xue Chonghai, a powerful grandmaster of cultivation, used the Yin Iron to absorb living spirits that were sacrificed.

And became greedy with power. Killing anyone he wished to feed the Yin Iron.

The Five Great Clans (Gusu Lan, Yunmeng Jiang, Lanling Jin, Qinghe Nie, Qishan Wen) united together to take down Xue Chonghai.

However, it was too late for the Yin Iron. It had become an item filled with dark energy and resentment.

So the Five Great Clans couldn’t do much except break the Yin Iron into fragments and hide in various locations.

Wei Wuxian wonders if it could be used properly. And Lan Yi shares how she thought the same way before.

Lan Yi tried to neutralize the fragment of the Yin Iron. But she failed to do so.

When the seal was broken, she couldn’t replace it so she sacrificed her spirit to temporary seal the fragment.

Trapping herself as well.

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Ooooh we’re getting into more of the backstory now about the Yin Iron. How is it related to the Stygian tiger seal from the beginning of the show? More questions and I need more answers!

In The Untamed episode 6, it also looks like Wei Wuxian is really trying hard to become Lan Wangji’s friend as well.

Except Lan Wangji is a stiff wall to break. Hahaha but we know that he’s such a loyal friend from the beginning of the show.

Lan Yi’s similarity with Wei Wuxian gives me a strange sense of foreboding. So did Wei Wuxian lose control of his powers when he also started experimenting with resentment energy?

Because he thought that since it’s energy as well, it could be utilized. Well at the beginning of the show, the voices mentioned how he backstabbed everyone he knew.

But what’s the real story? In this walk down memory lane, Wei Wuxian doesn’t seem that type of person. He’s loyal to his friends and family.

And the rabbits! So cute, will Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian get some to take back with them?

What did you think about The Untamed Episode 6? Leave a comment below!

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