The Untamed Episode 7 Recap

And we’re back for The Untamed episode 7! Is Lan Wangji starting to warm up to Wei Wuxian?

The Untamed Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji recount their story with Lan Xichen and the Gusu Lan Clan elder
  • An angry dispute leads to a cancelled marriage
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji go their separate ways

It looks like there’s a lot of background story to cover before we truly understand what happened to Wei Wuxian…

Let’s jump into The Untamed episode 7 recap!

A Dangerous Task

After sharing her story, Lan Yi comments how her spirit has always been here. Guarding this place.

Wei Wuxian wonders what happened to his grandmaster and explains that Wanderer Zangse is his mother.

Lan Yi didn’t think that many years have passed already. And her good friend that normally doesn’t take disciples has taken one already.

And Lan Yi has the fortunate of meeting her disciple’s disciple.

But unfortunately, the last time Lan Yi saw Wanderer Baoshan was just before she made her biggest mistake. And afterwards she was stuck here.

So she doesn’t know what happened to Wei Wuxian’s grandmaster.

Lan Wangji then asks if she was the one who summoned them here. But Lan Yi shakes her head.

A hundred years ago, she used her spiritual powers to seal the iron. However, within the last 10 years, her powers have been weakening. While the iron appears to be awakening.

So the malicious energies from the iron have been leaking into the water.

the untamed episode 7 recap, proud wei wuxian

Lan Yi believes the cause is that other shards of the iron have been found. And each piece is calling out to the others.

Both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji look at each other as if they just considered something.

Great minds think alike! Hahaha

Wei Wuxian believes that the cultivator they brought in last time suffered from the effects of the iron. And Lan Wangji comments that whoever “they” are, they are testing its effects on people.

Lan Yi then explains that the only way to seal the Yin Iron is to gather the pieces and submerge the whole piece into a cold underground area.

That will suppress the energies within the seal.

the untamed episode 7, lan yi's time is up

Piece of the Yin Iron

However, her time is up and she cannot make up for her mistakes.

So she passes off this task to Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

Then she fades away.

As soon as she disappears Wen Qing senses a strange energy and Wen Ning appears to be affected as well.

Wen Qing heads to the back hill of the Gusu Lan Mountains and wonders if there’s something sealed here.

the untamed episode 7, wen qing's investigation

She takes a look around but then Jiang Cheng calls out to her. Wondering if she’s helping out to look for Wei Wuxian as well.

But then Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji pop out from a nearby ridge.

With Wei Wuxian on top of the latter. Lan Wangji tells him to get off and Wei Wuxian hobbles over to Jiang Cheng with a goofy smile.

Jiang Cheng is not amused and tells Wei Wuxian how their senior sister has been worried sick.

Wei Wuxian explains loosely how he was recovering from his wounds in the cold springs.

But doesn’t go in much detail.

the untamed episode 7, curiosity

Despite how goofy and easy going Wei Wuxian is, he knows what’s at stake.

Later, Lan Xichen uses his flute to temporary seal the energies of the Yin Iron piece before sealing it into a spirit bag.

They already knew about this but couldn’t reveal it to Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

Because it’s a closely guarded secret.

However, the wheels of fate have already started to turn so they have no choice but to deal with this now.

And apparently the leader of the Wen clan also has a piece.

Since the pieces are showing up, Wei Wuxian gets an idea.

Why not use the piece to figure out the location of the others? Since the pieces resonate with each other?

Brief Respite

Lan Wangji’s uncle believes they should seal the piece back in the cold pond instead. And ends the discussion abruptly for another time.

I have a feeling this decision will come back to bite him later on…

Despite Lan Wangji’s plea.

Later, Wei Wuxian meets back up with Nie Huaisang and comes up with a horror story.

While Lan Wangji was worried that he would reveal the secrets of the underground cave.

Nie Huaisang gets scarred off while Jiang Cheng gets jealous of Wei Wuxian’s closeness with Lan Wangji.

Jiang Cheng is such a tsundere character. He pretends to be cold towards Wei Wuxian but actually treats him like a good brother

The two then head over to light the lanterns.

Back at the Wen clan, Wen Chao congratulates his father after hearing the news that another piece of the Yin Iron has shown up at the Gusu Lan mountains.

But his father thinks it’s too early to celebrate. Then the Wen clan leader, Wen Ruohan, tells Xue Yang to do whatever he wants in Yueyang.

This guy has daddy issues

Wen Chao complains to his father so his father tells him to monitor Xue Yang.

But he still has other complaints. Wen Ruoha shuts the doors and refuses to answer his son any longer.

Meanwhile, everyone at Gusu Lan is making paper lanterns. Wei Wuxian paints a bunny on his and shows it to Lan Wangji.

Who then shows a rare smile.

Moments later, everyone sends their lanterns into the sky. And it looks like each person has their own wishes imbedded into the lanterns.

Because they each make a sincere wish.

A Fight

Wei Wuxian asks his senior sister what she wished for. And she replies that it’s for him to grow up quickly.

However he believes it’s for a good marriage. Which causes some nearby girls to gossip about the marriage between the Jiang clan and the Jin clan.

Jin Zixuan appears frustrated about the talks of marriage and leaves with his entourage of servants.

But Wei Wuxian follows close behind. Angered that he would take this marriage so lightly.

Later, they get into a fight.

Because Jin Zixuan wants to cancel the marriage.

Wei Wuxian has to kneel for punishment but he plays with ants.

Moments later, Jiang Fengmian appears with Jiang Cheng right next to him.

the untamed episode 7, jiang fengmian
Jiang Fengmian, leader of the Jiang Clan

He’s here to discuss the marriage with the Jin clan.

Jin Guangshan, Jin Clan leader

Jiang Fengmian believes the wedding should be cancelled. Since both parties are not in agreement.

Jin Guangshan is reluctant but Jiang Fengmian comments how he has already sent a letter to Jin Guangshan’s wife.

So the matter is settled.

Jiang Cheng rushes to inform Wei Wuxian who heads over to comfort his senior sister.

With one of his paper dolls.

the untamed episode 7, paper dolls

Wei Wuxian feels guilty for ruining his senior sister’s marriage prospects. But she doesn’t blame him since she thinks it’s fate.

Returning to Yunmeng Jiang

And reminds him to pack up because it’s time to return back to the Jiang clan.

Classes are over.

So later, Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian and their senior sister pay their respects to Lan Xichen and the Gusu Lan elder before leaving.

After leaving, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian bicker with each other like kids. While their senior sister reminds them not to fight at Gusu Lan.

Because it’s one of the rules.

Wei Wuxian’s impersonation of the Clan elder XD

Later, he arranges the bunnies to live on the outskirts of the Gusu Lan clan. Because pets aren’t allowed inside the clan.

While wondering if Lan Wangji plans on finding the other Yin Iron pieces.

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I love how Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji seem to share the same thoughts. Even though Lan Wangji thinks Wei Wuxian is so childish and boring. XD

This show was based off of a BL novel and due to censorship, most of the romance is removed. But I get the sense that these two are soulmates….

And the bunnies are so cute!!!!

So now the goal is to find the pieces of the Yin Iron to seal it. Hmm and with Lan Yi warning them not to make the same mistakes as she did… it’s a hint of the future. Did Wei Wuxian make a similar mistake?

Is that why everyone at the beginning seems to think he became a villain?

Hmm, more mysteries. What were your thoughts on the Untamed episode 7? Leave a comment below!

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