The Untamed Episode 8 Recap

We’re back for The Untamed episode 8! For those of you not aware of it, the number 8 in Chinese culture is a lucky number.

It’s been awhile and I’ve heard that this show doesn’t really pick up until episode 12 or so. Must hang in there!

The Untamed Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Jiang Cheng and his senior sister plan on head back to the Yunmeng clan
  • Wei Wuxian tags along with Lan Wangji to find the rest of the Yin iron shards
  • Wen Chao and Wen Qing have their own motives for following Wei Wuxian from behind the scenes

Was it also difficult for you to keep watching this show with the slow buildup? Anyways, let’s jump into the Untamed episode 8 recap!

May Acquaintances Meet Again

Wei Wuxian wants to say goodbye to Wen Ning but notices that he has already left with his sister.

Then he decides to arrange the rabbits to live on the outskirts of the Gusu Lan clan. Because one of the rules state that pets are not allowed on the mountain.

While he pets and holds one of the rabbits in his arms, he recalls how Lan Wangji looked like he was setting off on a journey.

And something comes to mind. It’s likely that Lan Wangji may be looking for the remaining shards of the Yin iron.

Despite how dangerous it is to go alone.

the untamed episode 8 wei wuxian interrogates rabbit

Then blames Lan Wangji for not asking him to tag along.

Sounds like someone is worried and pouting hahahaha XD

Jiang Cheng and his sister show up, wondering what Wei Wuxian is up to.

The former complains that men shouldn’t be holding rabbits in their arms so Wei Wuxian tosses a bunny to him.

And Jiang Cheng catches in his arms. Concerned that he would do such a thing.

But then cradles it carefully in his arms as well.

Jiang Cheng is such a tsundere. He says harsh words but never really means it. Hahahaha

Such a cute scene! Wei Wuxia covers the ears of the bunny XD

Then Jiang Cheng drops another bomb. Asking if Wei Wuxian is planning on eating these rabbits.

Wei Wuxian covers the ears of the bunny immediately, retorting that these bunnies shouldn’t hear such dangerous words.

Then they leave and let the rabbits stay here. Meanwhile, Lan Wangji comes across this area and sees the rabbits.

Which remind him of Wei Wuxian.

And utters a phrase: Zai hui. (Which means until next time). Before setting off on his journey.

Wen Chao’s Motives

In the middle of night, Lan Xichen senses the presence of a visitor and tells him to reveal himself.

It’s Wen Chao.

the untamed episode 8 wen chao's motives
Ugh this scumbag, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree

He tries to pry some information out of Lan Xichen but the latter doesn’t fall for it.

Nor does Lan Xichen fall for Wen Chao’s instigations.

So Wen Chao leaves moments later after issuing a warning that Lan Wangji might not come out of his journey unharmed.

In the morning, Jiang Cheng reads a note that Wei Wuxian left and complains that Wei Wuxian left on a whim again.

When he knows they are returning to the Yunmeng clan today.

Jiang Cheng shows the note to his father, Jiang Fengmian. But he doesn’t mind and says they should set off for their journey.

While his sister believes that Wei Wuxian would only do this because something urgent came up.

Despite Jiang Cheng’s reluctance, he hides his grievances and follows.

Hmm, there’s definitely some bias here. No wonder Jiang Chen feels like he’s inferior to Wei Wuxian sometimes.

Meanwhile, Lan Wangji has just started his journey but notices he has additional company.

Wei Wuxian is right behind him. Complaining that Lan Wangji didn’t ask him to come along.

Breaking their promise.

Wei Wuxian’s antics are so cute, he just wants Lan Wangji to give him some attention, hahaha

On their way to town, Lan Wangji’s spirit sealing bag (that contains a piece of the Yin iron) lights up.

Suggesting that there is another piece nearby.

Nie Huaisang Tags Along

In town, Wei Wuxian gets a minor reaction out of Lan Wangji with a mask.

But then, Nie Huaisang gives him a scare too.

It turns out that Nie Huaisang doesn’t want to head back home so soon.

the untamed episode 8 nie huaisang joins the party
Look at these two sharing similar thoughts, poor Lan Wangji XD

At the Yunmeng clan, bright and early, Jiang Cheng sneaks out.

And his sister sends him off.

Meanwhile, Nie Huaisang wonders why Wei Wuxian is out and about with Lan Wangji.

Thinking it’s punishment.

As the trio roam around town, they encounter a large crowd and ask around.

It turns out there’s a famous lady who invited various individuals for a poetry party. But she will only reveal herself to someone with talent.

Then all of a sudden, flower petals rain down from the sky. And Nie Huaisang comments how Lan Wangji’s presence is one of a kind.

Wei Wuxian agrees but cannot help complain that the only flaw is how Lan Wangji only wears white.

While Lan Wangji observes the fluttering landscape, his spirit bag lights up.

A shard is nearby.

Shards of the Yin Iron

When Nie Huaisang, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji arrive at the location, it looks like they are too late.

Because Wen Chao was a step ahead of them.

But even after leaving the town, Wen Chao has his familiar tailing them.

Wen Ning reports that Wen Chao needs to assist Xue Yang but Wen Chao thinks she’s using fake orders to drive him away from her friends.

And he recalls that her old village is nearby.

Paying a visit to Dafan villiage, Wen Chao releases a seal on a particular statue.

Then in a local town, Wen Qing bumps into Jiang Chen. And gives him a hard time.

When he attempts to retaliate, Wen Qing uses the opportunity to pass a message to him.

Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian and his party arrive at Dafan mountain and ask a nearby granny for a place to stay.

So the granny leads them into a shrine that has a female statue.

On the way there, there’s no one in sight. Which is odd.

And Wei Wuxia has a bad feeling about this.

Once the trio arrive at the shrine, a nearby old man shares the origin of the dancing female statue. In the past, there was a demonic spirit that possessed it so it stole human souls.

Until, a grand clan came to seal it away. But ever since then, people stopped coming by.

the untamed episode 8 sealed statue

Dancing Peri Statue

Despite how creepy this place feels, the trio decide to spend the night here.

Nie Huaisang wakes up from his nightmare and then they hear a rumble from the statue.

It’s the dancing Peri statue.

Nie Huaisang hides in a corner while Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian attack the statue.

But because the statue is made of stone. It’s difficult to subdue the statue.

And of course, during the battle, Wei Wuxian can’t help but make jokes. XD

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian end up sealing the statue temporarily but then various villagers come out looking possessed.

Heading towards the shrine.

Seeing the hoards of possessed people and the sounds of Wen Chao’s familiar, Nie Huaisang wonders if they just fell into a trap.

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Oh boy, things are heating up now. Wen Chao is stalking our main characters and making trouble for them at every turn. While Wen Qing wants to secret assist them.

However, she has to be subtle because she and her brother don’t have a lot of say in the Wen clan.

And they could be in big trouble for even attempting to help Wei Wuxian and his party.

Nie Huaisang and Wei Wuxian feel like peas from the same pod. While Lan Wangji looks like he won’t get any peace on this journey. Hahaha.

I thought Wei Wuxian using his own technique to connect an invisible string between him and Lan Wangji was super cute. Of course, Lan Wangji replies with his usual words: boring.

But he works really well with Wei Wuxian. When it comes to fighting. These two have each other’s backs.

Do you think Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji can find all of the Yin iron shards before the Wen clan does?

Any thoughts about the Untamed episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I am watching this right now too. What is “Wen Chao’s familiar?” What is a familiar?

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