The Untamed

The Untamed is one of the latest C-Dramas out and is related to Mo Dao Zu Shi.

Which is a VERY popular animation from Tencent.

The same producers who did an amazing job with the King’s Avatar as well!


Anyways, so I was not aware of The Untamed until I watched the anime.

Mo Dao Zu Shi was AMAZING by the way. So amazing in fact that I binge watched the season in 3 days!

So after finishing the animation, I was excited to hear that there will be a live action remake.

Called The Untamed.



Wei Wu Xian was known as the founder of demonic cultivation and his evil knows no bounds.

Or at least that’s how the legends go.

Sixteen years later, Wei Wu Xian returns at Mo village.

Who caused his death? Was he was as evil as the legends depicted him?

On the other side, we have Lan Wang Ji, a prominent figure of the Gusu sect.

He is seen as a hero and an ideal role model figure.

Especially in the cultivation world, yet he is good friends with Wei Wu Xian.

Between the boundary of good and evil, are the two sides really that easily defined? How can someone “good” be best friends with an “evil” person?

What is the actual truth?

So there’s a lot of mysterious surrounding Wei Wu Xian’s death and a lot of backstory to be covered.

In the animation, we still don’t have the full picture because it’s not finished.

BUT I am curious about the actors portraying the two leads. Because it’s my first time seeing them in action.

Sean Xiao is playing Wei Wu Xian. Can he show the playfulness of his character?

I am curious to find out!

What are your thoughts about the live action drama? Have you started watching it?

Leave your thoughts below!

**Update as of 6/4/20: I’m working on The Untamed Episode recaps again!

**Sad update as of 11/18/20: Dropped (I just can’t finish these T_T)

The Untamed Episode Recaps

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