Top 8 Online Asian Grocery Stores

Hey Everyone! It’s getting cold and sometimes you just don’t want to pull yourself out of your warm, cozy home to go grocery shopping. So what do you do? You do it online! And if you LOVE asian food or need snacks when drama watching, check out these TOP 8 online asian grocery stores!

Save yourself the time and enjoy the convenience! Thanks to the wonderful power of the internet.

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1. Sayweee

This is probably one of the most popular sites that I’ve encountered so far. My aunt knows about it, my mom knows about it AND my mom’s best friend knows about it.

Not to mention that there’s a majority of Wechat users who use it too. (Those of you who don’t know Wechat – it’s a voice/chat messaging app that’s very similar to WhatsApp or Line.)

You can order fresh vegetables, fruits, snacks, packaged meat (even hotpot meat!) at this online store. So don’t miss out if you’re planning a hotpot day.

Plus, Sayweee offers a cashback-like incentive rewards for any receipts you share amongst your friends. Which is pretty neat if you shop on this site a lot.

Sayweee grocery website

2. YamiBuy

YamiBuy is also another popular website. But I feel like it’s geared more towards non-perishable goods and snacks. If you’re looking for Pocky, a variety of instant noodles or even instant milk tea, this is probably the site to go too.

Anyone interested in trying some Kung Pao Flavored Chips?? This site has some of the most unique flavored chips to try =D

Oh and they also have other things too! Like beauty, healthy/body and kitchen/home products.

And in terms of their rewards program, they do have a friends/family referral link that equates to points that you can redeem. So it’s not like Saywee’s cashback program. There’s a few more hoops to jump through.

top 8 online asian grocery-yamibuy

3. Umamicart

Getting hungry yet? Umamicart is a newer site and they’re still expanding. You can check to see if they deliver to your zip code first before shopping. (Can get kinda annoying that you can’t click on the product until you enter your shopping zip code though…)

Just like the others, they offer a variety of snacks and grocery items.

But this site is more similar to Saywee in the way that they also offer fresh vegetables, meat and seafood.

top 8 online asian grocery-umamicart

4. AsianMart

Halfway through our Top 8 Online Asian Grocery Stores! Next on the list is AsianMart.

Oooh interesting, they have more varieties when it comes to Korean food. Tteokbokki anyone? Some grocery stores tend to favor one Asian cuisine than another. Or can be more like a general all-purpose Asian grocery store.

Lots of different flavored drinks as well as instant food (ramen is so bad yet so good XD) so if you’re looking for something unique here. You should definitely check them out.

5. KimC Market

Another Grocery store that focuses more on Korean food but also the cookware! Some of the ceramic pots offered on this site can help make a delicious crispy-rice bibimbap. Because you need a certain pot/bowl for that.

But anyways, if you’re looking for kimchi, Korean snacks, and even certain Korean sauces. Like Fermented Anchovy Sauce!??

Check this place out!

7. Asian Food Grocer

Looking for snacks with CUTE themes? You have to check out Asian Food Grocer! Think of Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko and more!

Plus, they also have snacks with anime themes too (if that’s your thing). And they have so. many. flavors. of Lays chips. Garlic butter, Ghost pepper!?? Nori seaweed flavor, etc.

And they share helpful recipes too! That’s pretty cool!

top 8 online asian grocery-asian food grocer
Cute menu icons too! Who has the munchies??

8. Amazon

Amazon isn’t really a dedicated grocery store for Asian groceries per-se but I felt that it should be on this list as they continue to dominate when it comes to online shopping.

They have ALMOST everything. Including Asian goods.

Not the fresh vegetables and fruits though. But if you need a quick hotpot soup mix, Pocky or even flavored kit-kats. This could be a suitable alternative place to grab some.

Have you used any of the sites listed on this Top 8 Online Asian Grocery store list? If you did, what did you buy and how did you hear about them?

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