Trace (Hen Ji) CDrama

Anyone a BIG fan of crime scene investigation shows? Well maybe you should check out Trace (Hen Ji)!

Crime scene investigation cdramas are rare but there are some really good ones hidden away.

Such as this one.

I LOVE American tv shows such as CSI and Bones so I was hoping this show would be similar.

Check out the below summary!

Image from myDramaList


A story that follows a 6-member team of elite investigators comprised of a forensic examiner, a criminal psychologist, an IT expert and more.

Liao Yan (Xu Zhengxi) and Liang Maiqi (Yao Di) are experts in criminal investigation who have returned from studies abroad.

They apply their skills in their respective fields to work in close cooperation with the major crime division to crack bizarre cases one after the other.

Despite falling into countless life and death situations, the group grows as friends and comrades with every mission.

Sneak peak at what it’s about


I’m getting hints of CSI Los Angeles or Bones from watching the raw trailer and I’m tempted to give this show a try.

Especially after finishing the Bad Kids. And it looks like cdramas are branching out and covering a variety of genres.

Which is a good thing. More cdrama to watch! ^^

So, what do you think? Any fans out there that love crime scene investigations?

Will you give this show a try? Leave a comment below!

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