Who Rules the World (Qie Shi Tian Xia)

Very anticipated wuxia cdrama starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si! Called Who Rules the World. Or otherwise known as Who Gets the World.

Yang Yang has been in a number of cdramas (big fan of him). And Zhao Lu Si was just utterly adorable in Romance of Tiger and Rose.

So how will these two fare in this cdrama show? Hmm, I guess everyone is excited to find out!

But let’s take a look at the synopsis first.

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A woman who acts and speaks freely, wild like the wind. Bai Feng Xi.

Can she continue to be as “carefree as the wind” when times in the martial arts world (wulin) is entering a chaotic time?

Meanwhile, there is also her complete opposite. A man who dresses like he is under the influence of the dark moon. Hei Feng Xi.

Graceful, honorable, kind and tolerant. In such chaotic times, what can he accomplish?

When the two meet, it becomes the greatest love legend during these chaotic times.

This is their story.

Number of EpisodesAiring Dates
40Apr 18, 2022 – May 17, 2022



So this cdrama is also based on a popular web novel that you can learn more about here.

There hasn’t been a lot of good wuxia cdrama lately so I want to give this show a try when it comes out. But there’s no estimation on the air date yet.

Maybe it will come out by the end of this year? If not, I’d look forward to watching it for next year!

It’s been awhile since Yang Yang starred in a wuxia drama too. When was the last time he was in a wuxia drama?

Martial Universe season 1 and 2? I didn’t watch that series and heard the adaptation of the web novel wasn’t the greatest….

Anyways, definitely looking forward to seeing Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si acting together!

What are your thoughts on this cdrama, Who Rules the World?

**Update as of 1/22/2022: This is looking like a potential release in 2022 like around April 2022, but we shall see!

**Update as of 6/24/2022: It already aired!

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Who Rules the World Episode Recaps

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