Word of Honor (Shan He Ling)

Ever since The Untamed, it seems like more and more BL adaptations have come up to the surface in cdrama land. Including this one called the Word of Honor.

Personally, I couldn’t stand how The Untamed started out and couldn’t really get into it. But the anime adaptation was so beautiful. With its artwork and OSTs.

And now we have yet ANOTHER webnovel adaptation (based on a novel called the Faraway Wanderers) as a live action drama. Is it really worth the hype? Check out the synopsis below!

image from myDramaList


Zhou Zi Shu, the disillusioned leader of a royal praetorian secret service, takes drastic measures to leave his former life behind and wanders the pugilist world.

He unexpectedly gets involved in a conspiracy after he steps in to save a young boy.

He also meets the mysterious Wen Ke Xing from the Ghost Valley, who is on a quest to avenge his parents’ deaths.

They become bosom friends through a series of adventures involving a legendary treasure that is rumored to give its owner ultimate power over the pugilist world.
(Source: Cfensi)

EpisodesAiring Dates
36Feb 22nd, 2021 – Mar 23, 2021


So the trailer doesn’t really catch my attention. I’m a little lost about what’s going on.

It’s rated fairly high though (8.8/10 at the time this post is written) so I’m tempted to give it a try.

Trailer from Viki

I do like the wuxia elements and the summary of the plot. And I don’t mind BL hinted romance (I’m sure the director/producers had to really walk the fine line as China is picky on its censorship).

What do you guys think? Have you already started watching this cdrama? If so, how are you comparing Word of Honor with The Untamed?

And if not, do you plan on watching this show?

Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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Xi Yun
Xi Yun
3 years ago

I’ve 35 episodes of Word of Honor so far and have seen The Untamed… what should I say? Personally, I felt more emotionally engaged in just five episodes of Word of Honor than I ever managed to do with The Untamed… one thing I couldn’t accept was the plot being completely changed for giving censorship a way to go. I don’t remember the scenes between Wangxian very clearly, but they were intentionally made to look as if they “were only friends”… on the contrary, Word of Honor tells the audience directly from episode one that Zishu and Kexing will become… Read more »

3 years ago

It is MUCH better than The Untamed. I also couldn’t get into MDZS (though I have heard the live action show is the weakest adaptation in the franchise). You have to get past a very confusing opening episode in Word of Honor, though.

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