You Are My Glory Episode 10 Recap

And we’re at the double-digits! You Are My Glory episode 10! Oh Yu Tu, what will you decide?

It’s just so tough considering his talent and his financial situation.

You Are My Glory Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • After several more days, Yu Tu and Guan Zai successfully fix the Satellite JX
  • Yu Tu is even more conflicted over his decision based on what happened recently
  • Yu Tu used Honor of Kings to apologize to Qiao Jing Jing

When you KNOW you’re good at something and have the talent for it, but it doesn’t pay you enough. Will you still do it?

How would you decide? Let’s discuss what happens in You Are My Glory episode 10!

Fixing the Satellite

Several days pass and everyone at the Xi’an aerospace institute is hard at work. A fellow colleague reminds Yu Tu to grab some food before the cafeteria closes.

So Yu Tu gets up from his seat to grab some food while he lets Guan Zai sleep.

Later, he gets a message from his teacher’s wife. Who recognized Qiao Jing Jing from a commercial. And he confirms that it IS Qiao Jing Jing.

Then Guan Zai finds him. Complaining that he didn’t wake him up to eat.

Yu Tu retorts that he wanted to let him sleep more. While Guan Zai murmurs that he’s been really sleepy lately. And not sure what’s wrong with him.

you are my glory episode 10 recap oily noodles

As the two eat, Guan Zai shares news about another satellite, Brahe. It also experienced the same issue. And cannot be saved.

Yu Tu thinks it’s such a shame and reuses the quote Qiao Jing Jing shared with him before.

But Guan Zai corrects him, saying that satellite JX was made to observe the Earth, not stars.

Yu Tu then retorts that he has no artistic sense.

Eats quickly and heads back to work. While Guan Zai comments that he’s a workaholic.

Back at the main control center, everyone is focused on the screen. Will their latest solution work?

Minutes later, the communications on the satellite are back online.

So going by standard protocol, they will issue other command scripts.

The room is silent as they went for a response. The satellite is back to normal and saved.

It can resume its mission.

Everyone applauds and congratulates each other.

Guan Zai smiles but notices Yu Tu deep in thought.

Sigh. He’s talented for this and may miss this if he changes jobs.

Not Beating Around the Bush

Later at night, Guan Zai and Yu Tu go for a walk. To chat for a bit.

Guan Zai tells Yu Tu that his first impression of Yu Tu was that he was such a handsome dude and didn’t think he also had the brains.

Yu Tu could tell Guan Zai knows that he plans on quitting.

you are my glory episode 10 recap telling guan zai

Guan Zai wonders if Yu Tu’s intended leave is related to his parents, remembering a prior call he got.

But Yu Tu tells him that his parents are fine. It’s just that he experienced some frustrations lately.

Then Guan Zai wonder if people in investment earn a lot. Recalling how he rejected an offer from Google and even if he got an offer from NASA, it’s not the same as here.

Anyways, Guan Zai never thought about convincing Yu Tu to stay because he thought he never needed to. Because they resemble each other a lot.

Oh man, as if the decision wasn’t hard enough already. Yu Tu feels even guiltier now.

When they change topics, Yu Tu shares that he’s met a who’s clever, a little troublemaker and sensitive. Guan Zai thinks that’s nice.

The two continue on their walk and arrive at their hotel. But it’s locked.

Guan Zai leans on a wall while they wait.

Yu Tu thinks about what was said to him earlier today. A senior told him to reconsider leaving.

Because he belongs here. To the aerospace industry.

Yu Tu squats down to think. Thoughts drifting off to his parents, to Guan Zai, to his teacher and to Qiao Jing Jing.

you are my glory episode 10 recap frustrations

Can someone give this guy a HUG? He really needs one. T_T

Guan Zai’s Condition

Yu Tu starts to check his phone and navigates to his messages with Qiao Jing Jing. He hesitates and doesn’t do anything.

Remembers to remind Guan Zai about contacting his wife but hears Guan Zai pass out.

An ambulance echoes in the background.

Moments later, both Guan Zai and Yu Tu are on a night train back to Shanghai.

Yu Tu thinks it’s best if he rests before rushing back to Shanghai while Guan Zai tells him that he would have to return eventually.

Besides, he misses his family.

Guan Zai plans on telling his wife about his condition.

Seems pretty serious, I wonder what it is?

While sighing that he never fulfilled his promise about taking his wife and kid out to play. Two times and both times he failed to do so.

And now this.

I’ve seen Yu Tu look at his messages with Qiao Jing Jing a few times and now he’s at a point where he kinda relies on her for support?

Yu Tu finds time to check up on Qiao Jing Jing’s progress in Honor of Kings.

Meanwhile, at the Guan household.

Guan Zai’s wife and son are having breakfast.

The son asks his mom if she could help him come up with additional solutions to this extra math problem.

But seeing her silence, believes only his dad can help him out.

Guan Zai’s wife, Shen Jing

This cheeky little kid. XD Most people need more than one glance you know.

The mother clarifies that most people need time to figure out solutions. While the son believes that it’s not just his dad but that uncle who usually swings by too.

Someone then knocks on the door. It’s Guan Zai.

Later he tells his wife and son that he’s won’t go anywhere for a while.

From Newbie to Pro

Qiao Jing Jing gets a call from her manager, sister Ling. Who tells her that the upcoming event may have new characters.

So Qiao Jing Jing will need to prepare. Just in case.

Sister Ling sighs. About a month ago, she was a total newbie. But look at her now, she’s like a professional player now.

Because she even notices the details that could be at play.

Well it’s ALL due to Yu Tu grilling her at it XD treating it like studying for a test and such.

you are my glory episode 10 recap noob to pro

Sister Ling wonders if Qiao Jing Jing thinks she can win. But Qiao Jing Jing will just do her best.

After all, even professionals will lose too.

Sister Ling then asks her about Yu Tu. And the latter tells her that she can play the games herself. It doesn’t matter if he shows up or not.

Qiao Jing Jing ends the call and studies her script. But then decides to play Honor of Kings.

The moment she logs in, she gets invited by Yu To for a game.

Qiao Jing Jing hesitates for a moment before she accepts.

Game after game, Yu Tu continues to invite her. And later it becomes 10 consecutive wins.

Xiao Zhu shows up and wonders if Qiao Jing Jing is not going to let Yu Tu in. Because he’s been downstairs this whole time.

Hearing that, Qiao Jing Jing dashees out.

Qiao Jing Jing paces while riding the elevator down to the ground floor. As the numbers count down, she feels like it’s not fast enough.

When the elevator finally arrives at the ground floor. Qiao Jing Jing dashes out and frantically looks for him.

Yu Tu sees her and gets up from sitting on his suitcase.

He asks her, “are you still angry?”

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Yay! They fixed the satellite! But this just shows that Yu Tu is talented here and belongs here. And if money wasn’t an issue, this is what he would do.

I’m actually curious to see if Yu Tu will change his mind again. Well he was on break and then got pulled away for emergency stuff.

Will he be on break again now that he helped fix it?

Not sure. And then there’s Guan Zai’s medical condition. If he’s out, there’s not that many folks who can take over his work.

Unless it’s Yu Tu. But he already plans on leaving. Sigh.

Hope they don’t drag this too long. I want to get more of the fluffy romance! What were your thoughts about You Are My Glory episode 10?

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