You Are My Glory Episode 11 Recap

Now how are you going to apologize Yu Tu? Are you going to beg Qiao Jing Jing for forgiveness? Guess we shall see in You Are My Glory episode 11.

Meanwhile Qiao Jing Jing notices that Yu Tu has changed his attitude towards her lately.

You Are My Glory Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Tu wonders if Qiao Jing Jing still needs his guidance
  • Guan Zai enters the hospital for treatment
  • Yu Tu starts to spoil Qiao Jing Jing

I start to see the budding signs of love from Yu Tu! Let’s discuss what happened in You Are My Glory episode 11!

He’s Forgiven

Before Qiao Jing Jing can answer, Yu Tu tells her that she never answered his messages on Wechat, so he decided to come over to ask.

“Do you still need me?”

Qiao Jing Jing hesitates then responds by giving him some leeway. She apologizes for stepping out of line with his teacher. And tells him to pass along her apology.

While Yu Tu tells her that his teacher’s wife had asked about her.

you are my glory episode 11 recap forgiven

And he already told her about Qiao Jing Jing’s celebrity identity.

It looks like they are just awkwardly catching up here

But he still wants to know. Does she still need his help with Honor of Kings?

Instead of answering him directly, Qiao Jing Jing comments about all the miscellaneous parts that have arrived recently.

She doesn’t know how to deal with them. So he needs to take care of it.

Yu Tu tells her he will.

Qiao Jing Jing then tells him to come up and eat. Because there’s a portion for him.

Yu Tell also tells her that he rushed back on a night train and hasn’t showered. So she offers her chauffeur to send him back.

He’s not allowed to refuse.

Meanwhile, Guan Zai helps his wife with groceries and prepping the vegetables.

Guan Zai knows he needs to tell his wife but doesn’t know how to start.

you are my glory episode 11 confessing about illness

But he takes a moment and goes for it. Telling his wife that he has something to tell her.

It may be tough now but it will get better.

Back and Out Again

Meanwhile, Yu Tu is back at home again. He quickly grabs some clothes and packs them into his bag. Before he passes out on his bed for a nap.

Zhai Liang shows up and wonders when he came back. With a cup of noodles in his hands.

He hasn’t seen him around lately and wonders what’s going on.

Zhai Liang wonders if his past workplace is using him up until he leaves. Then Yu Tu gets a call from Guan Zai’s wife, Shen Jing.

Who tells him that she and Guan Zai are at the hospital.

She tells him the arrangement because she still has to pick up her son at night.

So Yu Tu replies that it’s fine. He plans on helping out to watch over Guan Zai.

After ending the call, Yu Tu turns to Zhai Liang and says he’s starving. So Zhai Liang offers him his instant noodles.

He only took a bite.

But he can easily make another one for himself.

Such a good guy.

Later, at the hospital. Yu Tu sees Shen Jing quietly watching over Guan Zai. And enters the patient room.

Shen Jing updates Yu Tu on Guan Zai’s latest status. Then heads out to pick up her son.

But Yu Tu wants to see her out. The two chat some more on other arrangements. Guan Zai has a younger brother who’s out of the country but once he’s back he can help takeover watching Guan Zai.

And Director Hu from the aerospace institute has recommended a specialist doctor to help diagnose the cause.

It’s sooooo tough on Shen Jing, she’s a mother and a wife and has to deal with all of this. Guan Zai owes her BIG time

you are my glory episode 11 arrangements

A Brief Respite

When they get to the staircase, Shen Jing stumbles a bit. Reality is starting to hit in and she’s emotionally affected.

She tells Yu Tu that she wants to be alone for a bit but he sticks around.

Telling Shen Jing that the recovery rate for this illness is high for younger folks.

Guan Zai should be fine.

After Guan Zai is back in the care of his wife, Yu Tu takes the chance to visit Qiao Jing Jing with some breakfast.

The moment Qiao Jing Jing opens the door, she shows him her latest progress.

She lost 10 stars which are the equivalent of 10 consecutive matches?

Qiao Jing Jing wants Yu Tu to help her gain them back.

He plans on helping her and she wonders what has happened to him recently. Especially after his business trip.

But he can’t reveal the details.

Even to family.

Qiao Jing Jing considers herself already his family, ahhhhhh!

Then Qiao Jing Jing quickly eats breakfast before joining in on the game. Yu Tu watches her and feels like there’s something special about her.

That captures his attention.

And he becomes a little dazed.

But then he plays very aggressively. Telling Qiao Jing Jing to get used to his new play style.

Moments later, Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing to play on her own while he fixes the projector. When Qiao Jing Jing checks the status, she gained back her 10 stars.

It’s as if Yu Tu was telling her that she can play however she wished, if she lost stars he would get them back for her.

Something is Different

Qiao Jing Jing heads over to watch Yu Tu fix the projector. She wonders how long it will take.

So she decides to play solo matches herself.

When she gets stunned and loses, an online player makes fun of her. And she gives the phone to Yu Tu who says it’s hard to win considering the situation but he could tease him.

He can’t help but have a soft spot for Qiao Jing Jing now

Qiao Jing Jing feels that Yu Tu is different now. Because before, he wouldn’t bother with her whimsical requests.

She then asks if she can use his cell phone. Saying that his model is pretty similar to the ones for the upcoming competition.

Yu Tu surprises her by giving his cell phone’s passcode.

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Was it just me or does Yu Tu feel like he’s starting to fall for our lovable Qiao Jing Jing? In You Are My Glory episode 11, Qiao Jing Jing seems to notice it as well. Because she recalls how Yu Tu’s earlier instructions about the game in the beginning.

But now, he’s willing to carry her along in matches and help her beat back other bullies. Is this the same Yu Tu/ Teacher Yu we know from the beginning?

Or has he discovered Qiao Jing Jing’s inner charm?

I would like to think the latter. Meanwhile, poor Guan Zai and his family. I hope they pull through!

His son idolizes his dad soooo much even though Guan Zai is rarely ever home. The rumors of his wife potentially leaving him must be false right?

I can see how much Shen Jing cares for Guan Zai even though she complains that he’s never home. And always seem to break his promises.

What were your thoughts about You Are My Glory episode 11? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

By this point, Yu Tu is definitely already in love with QJJ. He just hasn’t fully embraced it yet, but he knows he likes her. In fact, he knew that in Xi’an when Guan Zai asked if YT would be interested in meeting Shen Jing’s junior and he declined, saying that he’s recently met someone whom he’s obviously keen on.

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