You Are My Glory Episode 12 Recap

You Are My Glory episode 12! We’re getting closer to the gaming event hopefully. Qiao Jing Jing has been practicing for quite some time now and if the show drags it out much longer, I’m going to lose my mind.

You Are My Glory Episode 12 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Tu allows Qiao Jing Jing to use his phone
  • Doctors finally diagnose Guan Zai’s illness
  • Yu Tu makes up his mind about quitting

But on another note, I do like seeing Yu Tu getting closer to Qiao Jing Jing. Despite his awkwardness with female relationships.

What sweet moments are in You Are My Glory episode 12? Let’s find out!

Unspoken Trust

Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing that the passcode to his cell phone is 0424. Then tells her that it’s also in the living room.

She can get it herself.

you are my glory episode 12 recap priceless expression
OMG Qiao Jing Jing’s expression is like “really?”

Qiao Jing Jing then rushes over to the living room to grab Yu Tu’s phone. And come back over to Yu Tu’s side quickly.

She wonders if she could borrow Yu Tu’s wechat to see the classmate friends group.

Yu Tu is totally fine with it.

He trusts her so much.

Qiao Jing Jing browses Yu Tu’s wechat group and sees a bunch of classmates’ names. Including Xia Qing.

And Qiao Jing Jing pauses.

Then asks Yu Tu if this group is all “friends.” As if realizing her hidden question, Yu Tu pauses for a bit then nods.

Do you even know what’s she’s REALLY asking Yu Tu????

Qiao Jing Jing thinks to himself that Yu Tu probably doesn’t understand. Minutes later, Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing that he helped her beat the online player.

She then reaches over to have a look. And Yu Tu realizes how close she is.

He snaps out of it when Qiao Jing Jing returns to her initial position beside him.

Someone is falling in love ~

Then Xiao Zhu calls to inform Qiao Jing Jing that her packages are here. Along with a gift from a previous gig. Instead of having the driver bring them up, Qiao Jing Jing requests Yu Tu’s help.

And the latter agrees.

That’s Quite Nice

It turns out to be several boxes. And the gift Xiao Zhu was referring to was just a little gift bag. Feel guilty and ashamed of all the clothing and accessories she bought, Qiao Jing Jing tries to play it off.

you are my glory episode 12 too many clothes and accessories

And Xiao Zhu bluntly reveals the truth.

But Yu Tu just smiles because he knows that Qiao Jing Jing’s profession requires her to dress up nicely.

He tells her that it’s quite nice.

Then he tells Qiao Jing Jing that his schedule is changing. And Qiao Jing Jing wonders if he still plans on watching the game stream with her.

Yu Tu says he will and then leaves.

Qiao Jing Jing heads over to her clothing closet and complains to Xiao Zhu for exposing her.

What if Yu Tu thinks she’s a spoiled person who spends her money recklessly?

But Xiao Zhu didn’t think Yu Tu felt that way.

Qiao Jing Jing goes off on a little rant, explaining herself out loud (as if Yu Tu could hear her somehow) that she works hard for her money.

So she deserve to use it however she wishes.

But she chooses to focus on the fact that Yu Tu said it was “quite nice.”

Qiao Jing Jing is sooooo cute

Meanwhile, Yu Tu heads to the hospital. And just in time. Guan Zai tells his wife that he cannot recommend a girl to Yu Tu because Yu Tu already has a girlfriend.

Yu Tu wonders what mess he just jumped into and Guan Zai gives him a look that says “coordinate with me.”

So Yu Tu replies that he does have one.

Shen Jing refuses to believe it. Because it was just not that long ago that he was over for dinner recently.

He never mentioned a girlfriend then.

Reality of Guan Zai’s Job

you are my glory episode 12 yutu's girlfriend
Shen Jing’s like mhmm suuuure Yu Tu has a girlfriend…

Shen Jing asks for photos of the so-called girlfriend. Yu Tu’s stumped.

Then Shen Jing tells these two that they can be honest about it instead of lying. So Guan Zai uses Yu Tu as a scapegoat.

Shen Jing strides off in “anger” and tells the guys that she needs to pick up her son.

On the way out of the hospital, Shen Jing tells Yu Tu that she was just kidding. Guan Zai wasn’t feeling too well earlier so she wanted to joke around and take his mind off things.

Besides she knows that the reality of Guan Zai’s job. And his. She wouldn’t want her junior to hate her.

It’s always work and more work.

There’s no time for family at all.

Shen Jing gets to the elevator and tells Yu Tu there’s no need for him to continue escorting her.

Later on, Yu Tu gives his senior brother, Ren Wang a call. He’s made up his mind.

And decides NOT to take his offer.

Then when he returns to Guan Zai’s patient room, he sees that Guan Zai is still trying to work.

Using his phone.

Workaholic much?

Yu Tu sighs and tells him to finish it up with 15 minutes.

Otherwise he will take the phone away.

15 minutes later, Guan Zai refuses to give up the phone. So Yu Tu takes it away.

Hahaha look at Yu Tu acting like a mother hen

While asking if Guan Zai had eaten for the night. Guan Zai comments about Yu Tu’s meal container. Wondering if he plans on bringing his own meals now.

Later, as Yu Tu washes his meal container, he can’t help but think back on Shen Jing’s words.

Guan Zai’s True Diagnosis

On how Guan Zai never has time for anything outside of work. And he can’t help but think back to Qiao Jing Jing.

While also recalling how Xia Qing told him not to hold up anyone.

He sighs heavily.

Then he gets interrupted by someone who was watching over Guan Zai.

Guan Zai vomited all of a sudden.

The next day, a specialist doctor tells Shen Jing that Guan Zai has stomach cancer.

But it’s fortunate that they diagnosed this cancer early.

Guan Zai will need surgery once he stabilizes.

Director Hu and his wife stop by to visit and offer support.

Director Hu on the right and his wife on the left

He tells Yu Tu that they must hide this news from his teacher, Director Zhang. Because he’s elderly and can’t take the news well.

And he also cares a lot for Guan Zai.

Yu Tu understands and also asks for an extension of his vacation.

He needs an extra week. To take care of things. And he’s already made up his mind.

He won’t take the investment job offer.

A Bet

Yu Tu hangs out at Qiao Jing Jing’s place. The two are preparing snacks to watch an upcoming game stream.

Qiao Jing Jing wonders if Yu Tu has voted yet and offers a bet. Whoever wins will promise to do a favor for the other.

you are my glory episode 12 a bet

Yu Tu agrees.

As the two watch the match, Qiao Jing Jing grimaces when her team was so close to winning.

But during the next round, Yu Tu starts to nod off to sleep.

Qiao Jing Jing wonders what he’s been busy with lately. Because he was planning on quitting the aerospace institute.

Yet he has dark eye circles now. Qiao Jing Jing gets an idea and starts to lean closer to take a photo.

The angle isn’t right.

So she leans in some more. And ends up falling on top of Yu Tu.

Yu Tu wakes up with a daze and wonders what Qiao Jing Jing needed that she fell over leaning so much. The oranges?

He then passes a few oranges to her.

you are my glory episode 12 awkward fall

Then Yu Tu checks up on the outcome. It turns out he won.

But his favor is to ask Qiao Jing Jing what she wants for her upcoming birthday.

Qiao Jing Jing thinks it’s funny that he would have such a request.

Is Yu Tu really that dense??? Or is this his way of gifting people?

And Qiao Jing Jing tells him that she will think about it. Then Yu Tu gets back to the upcoming gaming competition.

Which is coming up soon. He wonders if Qiao Jing Jing had any ideas for teammates.

Because she can pick from the professional players. Qiao Jing Jing’s mind is still on the gift idea so Yu Tu proposes some options.

Yu Tu’s Care and Devotion

It turns out Yu Tu’s play style has changed because he wanted Qiao Jing Jing to get used to Zhou Yin and Snow’s play styles.

Because those two are the ones he thinks will assist Qiao Jing Jing the most with winning.

Seeing how much Yu Tu cares for her, Qiao Jing Jing comes up with a gift idea.

She wants Yu Tu to grant her a quintuple kill. Because she enjoys playing with him the most.

Yu Tu complains that it’s a hard gift to give and can’t help but chuckle a bit.

Before Yu Tu leaves, Qiao Jing Jing gives Yu Tu some tickets for the upcoming gaming competition. He should also bring his friend as well.

On his way home, Yu Tu thinks back to his promise with Qiao Jing Jing, how he promised to continue playing games with her.

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I think Yu Tu is starting to realize his feelings for Qiao Jing Jing?? While thinking about the gap between them? Like he’s wondering if he can be good enough for her?


Or am I thinking about it too much? Because he recalls his ex-girlfriend’s words and Shen Jing’s words at the same time. So if he were to start a relationship with Qiao Jing Jing, his work won’t give him that much spare time for relationships.

But he’s probably the type to overthink.

I did enjoy how close the two were in this episode. Yu Tu and Qiao Jing Jing are close buddies who bonded over playing Honor of Kings over and over again.

Xiao Zhu is also likely shipping Qiao Jing Jing and Yu Tu already. Probably since the start. XD

It’s really unfortunate about Guan Zai’s illness. I hope he recovers from it soon! Oh and when Yu Tu made his decision, was he really not affected by Guan Zai’s diagnosis?

I’m sure it was totally related despite Yu Tu’s denial. What were your thoughts about You Are My Glory episode 12?

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