You Are My Glory Episode 16 Recap

Stupid, stupid Yu Tu! But we’ll have to be patient and see how the rest of this relationship develops in You Are My Glory episode 16! In the meantime, Yu Tu’s back in the work grind.

You Are My Glory Episode 16 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Tu proposes a theory for the rover issue which addressed the issue
  • Guan Zai undergoes a successful surgery for his illness and proposes a name for the project
  • Xia Qing tells her best friend that she can’t move on from Yu Tu

I can’t wait to see Qiao Jing Jing again. She’s a breath of fresh air compared to the snooty Xia Qing. Just because you can’t get someone doesn’t mean you should prevent other people from getting together with them.

Jeez. Wow, has it really been TWO months since I last recapped? T_T Sorry folks, I’ll try to finish these before the year is over!

Anyways, let’s jump right into You Are My Glory Episode 16!

The Root Cause

A night passes and Yu Tu gathers up his team members to discuss possible causes for the rover issue.

And he presents his findings.

After going over the detailed design reports and blueprints. He has an idea.

Yu Tu believes there is some electromagnetic interference.

And starts mapping out a simple diagram on the chalk board.

But they need to test this theory first.

you are my glory episode 16 recap rover troubleshooting

The experiment continues as Yu Tu and his team observes. It turns out this theory was true and they fixed this issue.

Yu Tu tells a colleague that he can leave early today.

Since it’s his girlfriend’s birthday.

The colleague smiles and thanks everyone for all of their hard work. He promises to work even harder when he’s back.

Later, Director Hu tells Director Zhang that Yu Tu was very coolheaded when addressing the issues with the project. And he appears to have a bright future.

But Director Zhang just thinks that he “wasn’t bad.”

Someone is not being honest here XD

Before walking away, while Director Hu faintly smiles. He knows his colleague is just not being honest.

The two of them head over to Yu Tu’s group and tells them about the upcoming field tests. And since Guan Zai can’t make it, Yu Tu will take over.

Yu Tu will also needs to take over Project One’s tasks as well. Director Zhang thinks something is off because it’s not like Guan Zai to take off for so long.

And pulls Yu Tu over to the side to ask. However, Director Hu interjects.

Then speaks the truth.

Guan Zai is going to have surgery for his condition.

you are my glory episode 16 recap guan zai's surgery

Director Zhang’s eyes widen at the news.

Guan Zai’s Surgery Results

Most of the folks from the aerospace institute head over to the hospital to check on Guan Zai.

And the status of his surgery.

Watching the sign as time ticks by. It’s like walking on pins and needs.

Until the surgery sign turns off and the surgeon steps out exhausted.

The surgery was a success. And everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

After Guan Zai wakes up, they can visit him.

Trying not to tear up a bit with such a soft melody playing in the background here! T_T But so glad to see Guan Zai doing okay!

Back at the aerospace institute, some of Guan Zai’s colleagues wonder who’s going to be taking over Project One.

Since he’s out sick right now.

And just then, Yu Tu passes by behind the screen. One of them has a feeling that it may be him.

Later, Yu Tu visits Guan Zai after the surgery. And waits for him to wake up.

When Guan Zai wakes up, Yu Tu helps him get a sip of water. Then Guan Zai brings up hearing how Yu Tu is returning back to the institute.

Guan Zai is happy to hear that.

Then they discuss details about Project One. Chances are Yu Tu might not be able to take over the project.

As it’s likely to be passed to someone named Tong Bo.

Maybe that glasses guy that was discussing about Guan Zai?

Yu Tu has considered all of the options so he has expectations.

But enough about this, Yu Tu wants Guan Zai to give a name to the project. So it won’t be called Project One all the time.

Guan Zai considers the mission goal and what they’ve been aiming for all this time.

He wants to call it “Sou Shen” (搜神)

She Cannot Lose to “Her”

Yu Tu thinks it’s a fine name. Project Sou Shen (aka Searching for God) will be in Yu Tu’s care from now on.

Meanwhile, Yu Tu’s former girlfriend is sitting in a fancy bar looking at her smartphone.

She watches the latest video where Qiao Jing Jing introduces her friend.

For a few minutes, before abruptly turning it off. She takes a swig of wine and her friend arrives.

Her friend wonders if this is about Yu Tu again.

Girl is telling it to her straight XD

Because their whole friend circle knows about the video. She comments that Xia Qing always complained about how selfish Yu Tu was.

Etc. Etc.

Yet, here she is still not getting over him???

Xia Qing refuses to admit that she was wrong. He WAS selfish.

And she didn’t want to be dragged down by him.

So she took the initiative to break up with him.

The friend agrees it was a good move. And toast Xia Qing for breaking up with him. So why is she bothering about Yu Tu’s latest “female” friend?

After swallowing a big gulp of wine, Xia Qing retorts. Yu Tu can be with anyone else and that’s fine.

But NOT Qiao Jing Jing.

Inferiority complex? Or something else entirely? I have a feeling that Qiao Jing Jing was beneath her in school and now she can’t stand her beating her in life

And recalls some memories from school days.

Xia Qing doesn’t believe Yu Tu will fall for Qiao Jing Jing. But fame is a tempting factor.

She tells her friend that she’s heading to Shanghai to confirm something.

Zhai Liang as the Middleman

At work, Zhai Liang tells Yu Tu that Xia Qing is back in Shanghai again to treat everyone for a meal.

To make up for last time.

But Yu Tu tells him that he’s too busy to go.

Zhai Liang breaks the news to Xia Qing gently. But Xia Qing still insists on meeting up with Yu Tu.

This woman is soooo annnoying!!!

And messages him that she’ll be waiting for him at a coffee shop.

Yu Tu is reluctant to go but he sees that Xia Qing will be waiting for him. And it’s already so late in the day.

you are my glory episode 16 recap waiting for yu tu

This woman always uses Zhai Liang to get to Yu Tu, such a manipulative, sneaky woman!

When Yu Tu arrives, Xia Qing makes small talk with him but Yu Tu responds with short responses.

He feels extremely uncomfortable to hear Xia Qing targeting Qiao Jing Jing. And wants to tell it to her straight.

Back then, he accepted her feelings even though they weren’t a good match.

But he knows that she’s a strong, independent woman.

And he’s implying that it’s over between them.

They cannot go back.

Then Xia Qing abruptly leaves.

If Yu Tu took Xia Qing back so easily, what would that say about him!???

Later, Yu Tu watches a video showing Qiao Jing Jing celebrating her birthday in the public. Out in the rain and wonders about something with such a heart broken expression.

When he returns home, Zhai Liang hands him a towel so Yu Tu can dry himself.

Zhai Liang gets the feeling that Yu Tu is struggling with issues of the heart.

And voices his own thoughts.

Qiao Jing Jing isn’t that kind of Person

Wondering if all people from the entertainment industry is like that. “She” hasn’t contacted them in months despite playing games with them for almost two months.

Yu Tu asks Zhai Liang if Qiao Jing Jing hasn’t logged in for awhile. And it turns out she hasn’t since the gaming event.

Then Yu Tu tells Zhai Liang that Qiao Jing Jing gave him a ticket too but he hid it from him.

Zhai Liang is surprised to hear it but sees Yu Tu sitting on the coach, looking so heartbroken.

Yu Tu tells Zhai Liang not to blame Qiao Jing Jing because he was the one who hurt her. So she distanced herself.

It’s not her fault.

Yu Tu feels like he probably lost something important. Then hangs his head down in his hands.

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Oof, Yu Tu. Maybe Zhai Liang will push him to pursue it. We shall see. But I guess burying himself in work didn’t do the trick. He’s still thinking about Qiao Jing Jing and how he hurt her.

While his ex-girlfriend won’t leave him the heck alone.

Xia Qing needs to get over herself. Just because Qiao Jing Jing wasn’t the best in her studies doesn’t mean she won’t be successful in life.

It’s the modern day era now. Content creators can make a lot of money and so can people in the entertainment industry. You have to play to your strengths.

As much as my heart goes to Yu Tu and his insecurities, he shouldn’t have hurt Qiao Jing Jing again. I hope he does a lot of groveling to Qiao Jing Jing later.

I’m actually curious to see how he will make it up to her. Meanwhile, Zhai Liang is always the middleman. He thinks Yu Tu and Xia Qing are a good match so he keeps helping the evil woman.

Not knowing what she’s truly like. He just knows the mask she puts on in front of everyone. T_T

Guan Zai is on the road to recovery! Hope he recovers soon to help support Yu Tu. I’m sure everyone is questioning Yu Tu’s competence as he’s younger but more brilliant.

Guess we shall see. What were your thoughts and feelings about You Are My Glory episode 16?

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