You Are My Glory Episode 17 Recap

Ahhhh! Just past the half way point for this series! Omigosh! What’s going to happen next? In You Are My Glory episode 17, Yu Tu realizes that he may have lost something precious. And it may be too late to chase after it. T_T

You Are My Glory Episode 17 Recap Highlights:

  • Qiao Jing Jing buries her head in work to stop herself from thinking about Yu Tu
  • Yu Tu heads home for a bit before his month long business trip
  • He finds previous messages that Qiao Jing Jing left him on QQ

Ugh these two. But maybe some time apart will clear their heads so they can take some time to think about what they TRULY want.

Also, distance makes the heart fonder too.

Let’s check out the details in You Are My Glory episode 17!

Busy Activities

Qiao Jing Jing is on the road with her manager in Xi’an and she’s not paying much attention to the festive decorations.

But she’s on her phone for the most part.

Sister Ling goes over Qiao Jing Jing’s schedule. And it’s full of photo shoots, interviews and some filming events.

They could make a pitstop at Shanghai to rest because pretty soon they won’t get a chance to return to Shanghai.

As the schedule won’t allow it.

But Qiao Jing Jing thinks it’s better not to.

She is avoiding Yu Tu T_T

Then Sister Ling brings up an upcoming aerospace event on April 24th that Qiao Jing Jing may be interested in. Because she recently made a tweet about the filter designed by the aerospace institute.

you are my glory episode 17 recap aerospace event invitation

Just when Qiao Jing Jing is trying NOT to think about Yu Tu, this event reminds her of him.

And what she did for him.

The organizer of the event invited Qiao Jing Jing to attend.

Qiao Jing Jing falls silent as she thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Yu Tu is busy packing up for a business trip. Zhai Liang wonders if Yu Tu will be lonely after he leaves.

Because the place will be empty after he’s gone.

Instead of answering, Yu Tu tells Zhai Liang that he will send him off.

Qiao Jing Jing arrives at her hotel and then checks into her room. But before she does so, she agrees to the aerospace event.

Sister Ling also reminds Qiao Jing Jing to treat Yu Tu to a meal. Because he didn’t attend last time.

After checking in, Qiao Jing Jing looks off into the distance while fireworks go off.

Deep in thought.

Missing Each Other

At the same time, Yu Tu returns home late from work. And the place is empty now that Zhai Liang left.

He heads to over to balcony and looks out into the distance with a hot cup of tea.

He’s also deep in thought too.

And cue the beautiful music in the background. Obviously these two miss each other. One is experiencing riches and fame but it’s so lonely while the other tries to forget what he previously had

Yu Tu returns to visit his parents. And his mother is surprised to see him have a few days off.

I guess Yu Tu wanted to visit his parents for a bit before he’s on a long business trip.

She tells his father to go buy some additional groceries.

Because she wants to make good food for her son.

Yu Tu’s mother comments that Yu Tu has gotten thinner again but Yu Tu tells her he’s been eating fine.

More like cup noodles. Hahaha

The family of three enjoy a meal together as they catch up.

you are my glory episode 17 recap family meal

Afterwards, Yu Tu heads up to his old room and looks around.

Various medals and awards are on his shelf. As well as several books about aerospace.

Then he pulls out an old math book and recalls how Qiao Jing Jing used to ask him about tutoring her. In exchange for some crispy chicken.

And he wonders if his old computer is still around.

It turns out it is and he takes it out of the storage and boots it up.

Then logs into his old QQ account.

Reminiscing about the Past

Yu Tu reads the old messages left to him by Qiao Jing Jing.

you are my glory episode 17 reminiscing about the past

Qiao Jing Jing left him a lot of messages and he realizes that she’s always supported him.

When she couldn’t reach him, she would contact others in another group chat.

And then she asked him for physics help.

Then one day, she said that she had to study hard for the hardest university. Because she wanted to impress someone she liked a lot.

Yu Tu realizes that Qiao Jing Jing was aiming to keep up to be at his side.

And recalls talking to Qiao Jing Jing about this.

Other memories start flooding in and now he realizes that she supported him so strongly because she had feelings for him.

。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 Poor Yu Tu, it’s not too late you know!

Later in the afternoon, Yu Tu and his mother take stroll around. She could tell he had something on his mind this whole time.

So Yu Tu tells her that he was planning to resign from the aerospace institute. But ended up returning back there.

His mother smiles then tells him the story about his uncle.

Who also worked in aerospace.

And was so busy that even when a family member was sick he couldn’t leave his assignment.

When this uncle was able to visit, he was lectured for being unfilial. But as a child, Yu Tu was able to point out the inconsistency.

If you work close by and is busy, you are labeled unfilial. But if you work in another country and cannot come you would be seen as honorable.

She admits to Yu Tu that she realized her mistake about pushing him to study finance.

Even though he was really passionate about aerospace.

Heading Out to the Field

Then finding out that Yu Tu studied two majors, she felt super guilty. She doesn’t want Yu Tu to worry about her and his father all the time.

Because she’s already proud of him.

And then she can’t help but remind Yu Tu of marriage plans. It’s okay if he finds someone who’s pretty and can do household chores. While also being able to take care of him.

But Yu Tu tells her that he actually prefers the opposite.

The mother’s expression is priceless XD

After spending some time with his parents, Yu Tu heads out into the field.

Full of other folks from the Chinese sciences academy.

It’s a long trip out to the middle of nowhere for the experiements.

Several hours past, and Yu Tu arrives.

This is where he’ll be for about a month.

Yu Tu gets off and observes his surroundings.

This is what he was BORN to do. For the sake of mankind.

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Yu Tu’s mother made me tear up a bit. Because her words hit home with me. How many children from asian parenting get to hear those words?

It’s always study, study, study and the children barely get any words of praise. T_T His mom is so awesome to realize her mistakes and speak about them.

I’m sure Yu Tu was touched as well. Because he really struggled with pursuing his passion or something that would help pay the bills.

And make his parents’ life better.

Gahh and the feels when Yu Tu was reading up on the old messages from Qiao Jing Jing. What was going through his head?

Massive regret that he missed out on someone who truly tried to understand him and support him?

Well he will have to show initiative now if he wants her back. Qiao Jing Jing will probably stand by what she said and not ask him about anything anymore. T_T

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