You Are My Glory Episode 18 Recap

Going out to the experiment field sounds like an epic adventure! Just listen to the soundtrack playing in the background! What’s next in You Are My Glory episode 18?

You Are My Glory Episode 18 Recap Highlights:

  • Out in the field, Yu Tu leads the experimental testing but can’t help think about Qiao Jing Jing on downtimes
  • XS-2 Rover malfunctions during the second day testing
  • Guan Zai gives Yu Tu some relationship advice

With all this time away from Qiao Jing Jing, maybe Yu Tu will make up his mind. On what to do about Qiao Jing Jing.

Let’s find out in You Are My Glory episode 18!

Life at the Experimental Field

Several scientists and on the field technicians are hard at work. They will spend the next several days testing XS-2 Rover.

And of course it’s an odd name XD

Until the results are satisfactory.

Yu Tu takes the lead and issues commands to conduct the experiments out on the field.

Things start off smoothly and the tests occupy most of the day. Until it’s time for dinner.

So the team takes a break.

Some colleagues complain that their belly is getting bigger because they’ve been eating a lot. But not exercising.

Yu Tu smiles faintly as he sees a colleague jump into a car quickly to be one of the first ones in time for dinner. While someone higher in rank approaches him.

The two take a stroll and have a quick chat. Yu Tu is advised to take breaks every now and then.

Because he could get overworked.

Can’t see Yu Tu playing Ping Pong, can you!??

Work hard, play hard is the mentality.

Night falls and some folks are enjoying the evening sky. Because there’s no light pollution out here.

And it’s so easy to see the stars.

Someone calls Yu Tu over for some help. To find the former rover whose name sounds like “Jade Rabbit” just like Yu Tu’s own name.

The telescope is pretty powerful but to find the general location, they need a higher magnifier.

After some adjustments, Yu Tu pinpoints the general location. And then he can’t help but recall the quote Qiao Jing Jing mentioned to him previously.

You are the rabbit who has seen the most stars.

Qiao Jing Jing

Looks like someone can’t forget about Qiao Jing Jing ~

Yu Tu’s “Girlfriend”

Yu Tu leaves the group of star observers after helping them out. And he pulls out his former messages with Qiao Jing Jing.

you are my glory episode 18 old messages

Re-reading some of the messages, he then opens one of the former voice messages she left him.

Where she comforted him.

In her own way. Telling him that everything he’s done up to this point is NOT worthless. Even if he changes his career, there are some skills that can carry over.

He HAS achieved things even if she doesn’t know what they are.

Yu Tu continues to hear Qiao Jing Jing’s voice as he is deep in thought. After the voice message finishes, he re-reads the other messages.

And can’t help smiling at the fond memories.

Another colleague comes over just when Yu Tu closes a message with Qiao Jing Jing asking about some fried dough sticks (you tiao).

They are delicious with some soy milk by the way XD

He wonders if Yu Tu didn’t tell his “girlfriend” that he’s going to be gone for awhile.

you are my glory episode 18 yutus girlfriend

Yu Tu then tells him that it’s some old messages. But the colleague can tell that Yu Tu misses his her and comments on it.

Before heading in to rest.

Yu Tu’s eyes light up for a bit, realizing what he’s feeling.

Issues with Additional Testing

And so the next day continues with additional testing. But something doesn’t look right.

The rover fails to reach the finish line.

One of the field observers has to stick in a flag on where the rover failed.

you are my glory episode 18 recap malfunction

And upon further investigation, it looks like the rover deviated from the original path to the finish line.

Yu Tu and his group heads out onto the field to take a closer look.

To see possible causes.

But they can’t see anything wrong so it’s better to go through the documentation and design plans in another tent.

As well as other documents.

When it’s time for lunch, Yu Tu scarfs down his lunch as quick as possible so he can get back to work. After he finishes his food, he steps out of the tent and gets an idea.

Maybe it’s the lighting?

He rushes in but someone beat him to it.

you are my glory episode 18 recap troubleshooting

And Yu Tu faintly smiles, remembering that this is a team effort. He’s not shouldering this all alone.

It’s the lighting so the system needs adjustments because the lighting in the field is different than the lighting from indoors.

Now, the group knows the cause. So they can make the appropriate adjustments.

But there’s a sandstorm today so they should take it easy for today.

Yu Tu and his colleagues go shower and they end up mentioning about Yu Tu’s girlfriend.

His colleagues refuse to believe it and are left wondering if his girlfriend is one of their female co-workers.

Yu Tu doesn’t answer and leaves them guessing.

Imagine their surprise when they realize his girlfriend is a celebrity. XD

What He can offer to Qiao Jing Jing

Later in the evening, Yu Tu is alone by himself in his room. With a journal in front of him.

He writes down Qiao Jing Jing’s name and creates two columns.

you are my glory episode 18 recap pros and cons

But hesitates on continuing.

When he heads outside after the sand storm passes, he gets a call from Guan Zai.

Who’s still at the hospital with his wife by his side.

Guan Zai is just checking up on him. While trying to pry if Yu Tu has some issues about the heart.

Using the excuse that one of the project managers is trying to matchmake Yu Tu with someone.

After hearing enough of Guan Zai’s bulls****, Yu Tu asks to speak to Guan Zai’s wife on Guan Zai’s status. And is glad to hear that he’s recovering ok.

Guan Zai takes the phone back and asks how Yu Tu is doing with Qiao Jing Jing. At this point, almost everyone in their circle knows he has feelings for her.

But Yu Tu pauses before answering. Admitting that he’s been thinking a lot.

What can he possibly give her?

T_T Awww Yu Tu! She only needs you by her side!

He can’t earn more than her. And he doesn’t even have the time for her. So what can he possibly give her?

On the other end, Guan Zai and his wife fall silent. While Yu Tu hangs his head down for a few moments.

Then Guan Zai speaks up saying that it’s not how relationships work.

Asking if Yu Tu is an idiot. Has he really thought it through?

Yu Tu then admits that he couldn’t handle this so he ran away from it.

Yu Tu’s Answer to Qiao Jing Jing

After making the appropriate adjustments, the rover successfully completes the test. So the experiment is complete!

They can run a few more and then return home.

Before the day is over, the project manager announces that the tests were a success.

They can celebrate and then return home.

Everyone shouts with happiness and they celebrate at night.

With food and drinks.

But Yu Tu keeps to himself and writes to Qiao Jing Jing with the journal he originally opened.

Oh, is this his answer? I wonder what he will write about.

Spending the rest of the night inside while others outside eat and drink.

Even on the trip back, whenever Yu Tu has a minor break, he continues to write.

When Yu Tu returns to Shanghai, he discusses some other details with his colleagues at the institute. Like the project name.

But still continues to write to Qiao Jing Jing whenever he can.

Meanwhile, Qiao Jing Jing is in Beijing and it’s snowing. Sister Ling gives her a call and tells her to attend a cocktail party.

Because Director Zhang is there. And it’s good to show some face for the film she acted in.

Qiao Jing Jing agrees to go after changing.

At the party, she nods and smiles to various entertainment folks but then notices someone.

What a coincidence, it’s him again.

Her ex-boyfriend. What is he doing here?

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Hooo boy so even when he’s working, Yu Tu can’t forget about Qiao Jing Jing. She’s made such an impact on his life so far.

Helping him when he was struggling with leaving the institute to pursue something he DIDN’T want but can pay the bills.

And seeing how he’s not running away anymore makes me feel like we’re getting close to the fluffy parts! She is the best person for him.

I hope he can see that now. ^^

When he admitted that he couldn’t give her anything at least Guan Zai was there to put some sense into him. As far as I know, relationships aren’t a zero sum game. It’s not like you do something and your significant other does equally the same.

A plus and a negative all the time that balance each other out. So happy to see Yu Tu has a support group who can steer him in the right direction.

Let’s see where this goes. Meanwhile, Qiao Jing Jing’s ex shows up! Omigosh! But knowing how she is, Qiao Jing Jing wouldn’t take him back.

Why would she? She’s such a strong, independent woman. What were your thoughts about You Are My Glory episode 18?

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