You Are My Glory Episode 2 Recap

I just noticed Yu Tu’s username is cute too! Jade Rabbit. And who doesn’t love white, fluffy rabbits? We’ll start to see Yu Tu’s concerns and worries in You Are My Glory episode 2.

What would you choose? Your dream job or a financially well-off career path?

Sometimes the reality is that dreams can’t pay the bills.


You Are My Glory Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Tu took time away from work to make an important decision
  • Qiao Jing Jing decides to recruit Yu Tu as her gaming coach
  • Past acquaintances continue to throw Qiao Jing Jing under the bus

I like the pacing so far, it’s really easy to watch this series. Who else is enjoying this?

Hopefully this pace continues! Anyways, let’s discuss what happened in You Are My Glory episode 2!

Yu Tu The Female Repellent

Various team members of Yu Tu’s team comment on Yu Tu’s play style.

Some praise him and others admonish him for taking their kill.

One of them orders Cai Wenji (Qiao Jing Jing’s character) to hide in a bush.

But she doesn’t know why so she asks in the voice chat.

Surprising everyone that she’s a female.

Because she was invited by Yu Tu (even though it was an accident) and everyone thought he repels females.

Who would have thought that he invited a girl to play with them??

Zhai Liang, username: School’s About to Start So Panicky
Sha Bao, username: Slimebag
username: DragonKing2001

Qiao Jing Jing hopes that Yu Tu doesn’t recognize her voice and plays it cool.

Telling the other members of the team that 40% of the fan base for Honor of Kings is female.

So they shouldn’t be surprised that she’s playing as well.

Before they can dive into the details about why and how Yu Tu added this “stranger” on QQ (another Chinese social media platform), Qiao Jing Jing changes the subject.

She hides into the bush with her character.

But while playing, her thumb covers the upper left minimap. So she’s unable to tell Zhai Liang when enemies are coming.

Zhai Liang complains.

Then tells Yu Tu to be responsible for the teammate he invited.

Yu Tu plays his characters with great skill and gets multiple kills again.

Saving the match.

Checking out the match results, Qiao Jing Jing takes a snapshot.

Then sends it to her manager bragging about her progress.

Instead she gets an earful because it’s late at night.

And she has an advertisement to shoot the next day.

The next morning, she asks her assistant to help her purchase some game skins.

Only the best looking ones.

Playing More Honor of Kings

During her photo shoot break, Qiao Jing Jing takes a look at the skins her assistant bought for her.

you are my glory episode 2 recap qiao jing jing's skin gift

And starts sending them out to the players she played with yesterday.

All except for Yu Tu.

So later that night, the other team members are so excited to receive her gifts.

But when Zhai Liang asks Yu Tu why he’s not wearing the skin on his character that this female stranger sent, Yu Tu tells him he didn’t get.

Zhai Liang gives him a look of disbelief.

Hahahaha, take that Yu Tu!

And then comments that it’s rare for him to be at the bottom of a girl’s list for once.

(Because they all have the team voice chat still on.)

Qiao Jing Jing can’t help but snicker and smile to herself.

Moments later, Zhai Liang asks Yu Tu if he could participate in an upcoming ranked match.

Then tells Qiao Jing Jing (he calls her Mei-zi, slang for female friend) that they can’t play with her for the next match. Because they are going to participate in a rank match.

And she’s not ranked yet.

Qiao Jing Jing verbally complains not realizing that they heard her. (She’s not aware that the voice chat is still on until you exit the chat room.)

So Zhai Liang proposes Yu Tu carry her in the next match.

Offering to do household chores in return.

you are my glory episode 2 recap household chore currency
Zhai Liang (left) – 2 matches for a set of household chores

Didn’t think house hold chores would be such a valuable currency, hahahaha

Yu Tu agrees.

It will just be him and her in a match.

After several wins, Yu Tu shows his match outcomes to Zhai Liang.

The latter will need to do household chores for a WEEK.

Crushing Again

After seeing the wins in the various matches, Qiao Jing Jing can’t help but crush over Yu Tu again. Squealing to herself about how cool he is.

But she tries to contain herself.

Because he could be fat and bald now.

Even though she tries to convince herself otherwise, she still can’t help gush over him.

Yep, she’s definitely still carrying a torch for him.

Without dwelling much over it, she heads to bed for the night.

The next morning, Qiao Jing Jing’s manager checks in with her husband on the progress of Qiao Jing Jing’s gameplay.

At the practice studio.

Ah Guo says that she’s been improving a lot.

While commenting that although she doesn’t have the greatest skill, she has the drive. Even if she fails to win several times a day, after a good night’s sleep, she’s back at it again.

Pretty sure that’s Yu Tu’s influence hahahaha

When Qiao Jing Jing sees that Yu Tu has come online, she takes off for the day to head home and play.

But on the way there, she sees that he went offline again.

What is he doing?

Yu Tu’s Indecision on Future Path

Yu Tu meets up with a senior brother that was from his major. Who works at a prestigious investment banking firm.

As the senior checks him out, he comments that Yu Tu’s still handsome and hasn’t gotten bald yet.

Following up with how those who work in scientific research don’t appear to be working as hard as those in the financial industry.

Woah there. I’m pretty sure Yu Tu is working just as hard if not HARDER

Yu Tu has no comment and just smiles.

His senior brother (Ren Wang) grabs some good tea and they chat for a bit.

It turns out Yu Tu is considering leaving the aerospace institute. And when his senior brother wonders why, Yu Tu replies that it’s due to personal reasons.

Even though Yu Tu was so adamant about joining the aerospace institute back in the day.

Well the purpose of this meeting was to catch up and if Yu Tu does decide to leave the institute, there’s an offer for him here.

On Yu Tu’s way back home, he gets a call from Sha Bao who checks up on him.

He was the one who accidentally let it slip that Yu Tu is planning on leaving the institute.

But Yu Tu is fine with the outcome. He planned on sending out resumes anyways. So it works out.

Sha Bao has some other advice as well.

Because investment banking and venture capital financing are slightly different industries.

Yu Tu will consider it carefully.

Then Sha Bao ends the call quickly and suggests they meet up online again. To play Honor of Kings.

Putting Down the Rumors

Former Highschool classmate and friend, Peipei

While Qiao Jing Jing continues to wait for Yu Tu to get online, she gets a message from Peipei.

It turns out more rumors about her are coming up again.

But Yu Tu put his foot down and dispelled the rumors.

And even offered to collaborate to clarify things.

Qiao Jing Jing wonders how he would help clarify things in the Entertainment industry.

But appreciates his thoughtfulness.

you are my glory episode 2 recap sending a gift to yu tu

So she decides to buy a skin and send it over to Yu Tu.

Pursue Your Dreams or Financial Stability

Meanwhile the person in question is lost in thought as he stands on a patio looking outside into the night.

Zhai Liang plans on staying with Yu Tu for awhile until he sorts things out.

He doesn’t start his new job until after New Years and he doesn’t plan on going back home to tell his parents the news about his recent resignation.

Because they will definitely nag at him about it and pressure him to get married.

On the other side, Yu Tu is in a similar situation.

He hasn’t told his parents about quitting the aerospace institute.

Zhai Liang wonders if the decision is really that hard.

Yu Tu has already received offers from a few financial industry leading companies. That would help set him financially stable.

Even back in the day, when he finished his finance major he had several offers. But he had to choose pursuing his dreams.

He works hard day-in and day-out but he barely makes ends meet.

Even this house was barely affordable. Until he made some decent money with his research thesis.

you are my glory episode 2 recap dreams and reality

So why is he hesitating?

Living like this seems to be wasting his intelligence. It almost seems like the reason why Yu Tu broke up with Xia Qing as well.

Well Zhai Liang is going to be wrong about ONE thing, Yu Tu WILL find a future wife that’s more beautiful and well off than this Xia Qing girl XD

To Zhai Liang, it seems like a no-brainer.

He would rather be financially more stable with a well-paying career.

Instead of pursuing his dreams.

Because you have bills to pay and sometimes dreams can’t do that. Zhai Liang leaves Yu Tu some food for thought and heads back into his room.

Recruiting a new Gaming Coach

Later, Yu Tu gets a message from Honor of Kings.

He got a skin gift from this female stranger he’s been playing with lately.

Yu Tu doesn’t want it but Qiao Jing Jing tells him to keep it. Telling him it’s a gift because she wants him to help her out with this game.

Then Qiao Jing Jing has a great idea on what to say to convince Yu Tu to be her gaming coach. Saying it’s her company’s event.

The two chat back and forth until Qiao Jing Jing throws out a bunny emoji with a pleading gesture.

Yu Tu hesitates to answer.

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Ah so we get to see the reason why Yu Tu has been mulling over things lately in You Are My Glory episode 2! It’s been his dream to work at the aerospace institute. Even rejecting offers from well-known established financial companies.

Yet, he’s now facing financial troubles? I think there’s more though. Maybe his parents aren’t doing so well and need the money?

I feel like if it was just Yu Tu’s own money problem, he would still make it work without giving up on his dreams.

But ugh, didn’t expect this cdrama to touch on topics like this. How many people have to give up on their dreams just to pay the bills and have a roof over their heads?

My heart aches for Yu Tu.

At least he has time to decide. He hasn’t taken time off for a YEAR!???? Yep, he definitely works hard. Take that Ren Wang!

Qiao Jing Jing really knows how to make friends. Spending money on gaming skins without any hesitation. XD

How can anyone say no to her?

What were your thoughts and feelings about You Are My Glory episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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Georgieluv smiles all day long
Georgieluv smiles all day long
2 years ago

yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! thanks now i’m so pumped up for ep.2.

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