You Are My Glory Episode 22 Recap

At this moment, there are just 10 episodes remaining! I am expecting some more sweet moments in this next episode. You are my glory episode 22!

How will Yu Tu’s mother react? I guess we shall find out when she hears that Yu Tu actually has a girlfriend. And an awesome one at that!

You Are My Glory Episode 22 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Yu doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret and wants to know how they will share this with others. Especially their parents.
  • Qiao Jing Jing introduces herself to Yu Tu’s mother in a special way
  • Yu Tu does the same for her parents

Without further adieu, let’s start discussing You are my glory episode 22!

He will work hard

After a sweet, passionate kiss, Yu Tu and Qiao Jing Jing head over to the high school’s wall of fame.

Where they see various trophies and awards granted to the students at this school.

you are my glory episode 22 recap high school wall of fame

Qiao Jing Jing comments, that this wall frequently had photos of Yu Tu.

And his accomplishments.

Qiao Jing Jing always knew he was smart and he was bound to do GREAT things. She had no doubt about it.

She then asks if Yu Tu remembered what she said to Sister Ling (her manager) previously.

When she introduced him.

Before Yu Tu can respond, Qiao Jing Jing recites what she said.

“In the future, he will become an amazing aerospace engineering. And as his classmate, I will feel very proud and honored to have known him.”

Awww, Yu Tu probably feels a lot of love and support from her right now

Yu Tu smiles and nods.

But Qiao Jing Jing blurts out that she doesn’t want to be recognized just as a classmate.

And shares her dreams.

She dreamt that he would be invited back to the high school one day as a famous aerospace engineer. With her right by his side.

So Yu Tu better work hard.

As she has expectations for him.

In response, Yu Tu shuffles over and admits that he always thought he was the smartest in high school. But then realized that the outside world is so vast.

And he felt so insignificant. Because he didn’t make the cut for more prestigious places.

However, he won’t let her down. He believes he can achieve higher.

Yu Tu then grabs her hand and leads her outside. As the school is about to close the gates for the night.

How to share their relationship news

The two head back and Yu Tu walks Qiao Jing Jing back to her home.

When they arrive right outside her gate, Qiao Jing Jing believes her parents are still up playing mahjong.

So he can leave now.

Qiao Jing Jing even gives Yu Tu a gentle push in the opposite direction.

But Yu Tu wants to clear up one other pressing matter.

How are they going to share the news about their relationship? He doesn’t want to keep this hidden for long.

More like shout to the world that Qiao Jing Jing is his XD no one else can claim her

Qiao Jing Jing cutely tilts her head to the side. And answers “Until it’s exposed?”

But Yu Tu won’t settle for that.

And wonders under what identity can he use to escort her back to Shanghai?

After all, he IS driving her back.

Qiao Jing Jing wracks her brain and comes up with an elaborate story. How her usual driver is unavailable and she plans on driving back.

When all of a sudden, in her group wechat, a classmate just happens to also be heading back the same direction. So she’ll hitch a ride.

you are my glory episode 22 recap storytelling skills
Yu Tu is like I’m amazed at how easily you can spin this up XD

And she believes that her parents will fall for this story.

Yu Tu is amazed and believes he needs to mentally prepare himself. After all, he can’t help but recall how she spun up something to get him to come over to repair her air filter.

Then Peipei shows up with Qiao Jing Jing’s car.

Asking if their elopement went well.

First morning after being together

The next morning, Yu Tu sends Qiao Jing Jing a text wishing her good morning.

She planned on waiting for Yu Tu’s return call last night but it was already so late.

And wonders what Yu Tu meant by reporting to his mother. Yu Tu clarifies that it was just his mother asking about where he went and who he met up with.

Since a certain “someone” said that they should keep their relationship under wraps, Yu Tu told his mother that he just met up with a pretty girl and couldn’t date her.

you are my glory episode 22 bad impression

Analyzing it, Qiao Jing Jing points out that Yu Tu has probably already painted a bad image of her to his mother already.

A girl who is so wishy washy. Asking a guy to spend time with her late on an important day yet refusing to date him.

LOL someone is worried about first impressions even though they just started dating

So Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing not to worry about it. He will figure it out.

Meanwhile he plans on shoveling the snow in front of his house so folks can walk safely.

While Qiao Jing Jing plans on sleeping more since it’s her day off.

Later, she heads out and heads over to Yu Tu’s place. Thinking she can grab some breakfast with him.

When she arrives, she cutely proclaims that she’s hungry.

Yu Tu grins and pulls her close for a hug.

Happy to see her here. Despite saying that she wanted to sleep in.

Qiao Jing Jing is really sticking to the role of “classmates”

The two enjoy their moment for a bit until Yu Tu’s mother shows up. Surprised to see her son hugging a girl.

First impressions on Yu Tu’s mother

Or more like completely baffled.

Yu Tu is like “oh no, we’re caught!”

His mother walks over and wonders who is beautiful girl is.

But before Yu Tu can explain and introduce her, Qiao Jing Jing jumps in.

Greeting Yu Tu’s mother for the new year and introduces herself as Yu Tu’s girlfriend.

Then drops a bomb.

How they’ve been dating for awhile but Yu Tu has always refused to introduce her to them (the parents). So she had no choice but to come and introduce herself.

Yu Tu is like “Say WHAT?”

This is so funny! Qiao Jing Jing is totally turning the tables on him! hahaha

you are my glory episode 22 puppy eyes
Please coordinate with me, *puppy eyes*

After seeing her puppy eyes, Yu Tu yields and agrees silently to go along with her story. He admits to his mother that it was HE who didn’t want to introduce her.

But he couldn’t come up with a reason. So Qiao Jing Jing drops yet another BOMB.

Mentioning how Yu Tu didn’t think his parents would like her.

you are my glory episode 22 disbelief
THAT’s the reason we’re going with!???

Yu Tu’s mother exclaims that it wouldn’t be true. And smacks Yu Tu.

She reassures Qiao Jing Jing that if she KNEW, she would definitely welcome her with open arms.

But she didn’t know since Yu Tu kept it silent.

Qiao Jing Jing points out that Yu Tu’s mother never knew and makes the mother feel even more guilty.

So the mother tries to explain and make it up to Qiao Jing Jing.

As if she was the one in the wrong.

After everything settles down for a bit, Yu Tu tells his mother that he is going to take out Qiao Jing Jing for breakfast.

A boat date

His mother is ecstatic to hear that he now has a girlfriend. And it’s Qiao Jing Jing no less!

On the drive, Yu Tu gets an earful about how he painted such a bad impression of his mother to his current girlfriend.

And he needs to make it up to her.

After ending the call, Yu Tu feels like he should learn from Qiao Jing Jing.

you are my glory episode 22 recap I need to learn from you

They head over to Hufu for a boat ride.

Yu Tu will drive and Qiao Jing Jing entrusts her safety to him.

Yu Tu drives and Qiao Jing Jing enjoys the experience.

After some time, Yu Tu stops and claims he needs to “fuel up.” Then grabs Qiao Jing Jing closer for a kiss.

Omigawd, Yu Tu is just (≧▽≦) So sweet!!!

Then after kissing her, he continues to drive the boat. As he is all fueled up now.

Yu Tu counter-attacks

Later on, Yu Tu drives Qiao Jing Jing home and wonders if they are still going with that plan. Of an classmate escorting her back to Shanghai.

Qiao Jing Jing nods and returns home.

While Yu Tu looks like he’s thinking of something.

Qiao Jing Jing enjoys lunch with her parents and casually brings up that she needs to return to Shanghai. But also brings up that her driver is unavailable.

The plan goes well because just like Qiao Jing Jing predicted, her parents are absolutely NOT okay with her driving back.

So she brings up her classmate afterwards.

Plan is a success!

Later, a doorbell rings and it’s Yu Tu.

Someone dressed up for a good first impression ^^

Qiao Jing Jing’s mother welcomes Yu Tu warmly and tells him to come in for some hot water. Since it’s a cold day.

But Qiao Jing Jing rushes out and says that they are in a hurry.

So Yu Tu explains that there will be other opportunities in the future.

Qiao Jing Jing doesn’t want him to spill the beans. But Yu Tu unleashes his counterattack.

Dropping a bomb.

Saying that he’s Qiao Jing Jing’s boyfriend. But for some reason, refused to allow him to come meet her parents. And has to say that he’s just a classmate.

Yu Tu learns very quickly hahahahaha

Then Yu Tu looks defeated as he takes Qiao Jing Jing’s luggage and walks to the car.

While the latter’s parents are wondering what’s going on.

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Qiao Jing Jing’s love and support for Yu Tu is just so endearing. I’m sure Yu Tu needed to hear it from someone. Because he was always struggling with his passions.

And with what would pay the bills. As mentioned earlier on in the show, do you choose what you need to be financially secure or what feeds your soul?

So many people from different walks of life try to use their passions to make a living but how many of them succeed?

And when Yu Tu’s mother got really sick, he would rather see her better than to continue with his passions. Which is part of the reason why Yu Tu fell for Qiao Jing Jing.

Compared to Xia Qing.

In terms of talent, and intelligence, Xia Qing is really similar to Yu Tu. But she feels like the women should have it easier.

Why should she work so hard if someone just as equally capable can provide for HER? Well that’s the thing, she’s a hypocrite.

Anyways, really enjoyed the moments in episode 22. Qiao Jing Jing pushing Yu Tu in the fire so she can make a good impression on future mother-in-law.

While Yu Tu learns to do the same. XD

I’m sure parents on both sides are wondering if this is how the current generation dates people.

What were your thoughts on You are my glory episode 22? Leave a comment down below!

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