You Are My Glory Episode 7 Recap

Yu Tu doesn’t get any rest from his situation. It’s constantly pestering him and we see it show up again in You Are My Glory episode 7. His colleagues in the aerospace institute send him off but feel like another member of their inner circle is gone.

You Are My Glory Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Tu reveals the real reason why he plans on leaving aerospace
  • Qiao Jing Jing and Yu Tu hang out together at the movies
  • Qiao Jing Jing’s manager thinks she should start dating

But thankfully Yu Tu has Qiao Jing Jing. At least she doesn’t make him feel like he chose wrong.

Anyways, let’s get right into it. You Are My Glory episode 7!

Aerospace Institute Colleagues

Yu Tu arrives a nearby mom and pop restaurant. His colleagues from the aerospace institute greet him. One of them jokes that since he’s late, he has to pay the bill.

But Yu Tu checks his watch. He’s not late yet.

you are my glory episode 7 recap aerospace single dogs

Then Yu Tu sits down and everyone at the table downs the first drink. Another colleague sighs and comments that this year’s group is the same as last years. (The same group of single dogs.)

But the first one who joked about Yu Tu paying the bill counters that next year won’t be the same.

Because Yu Tu is leaving them to join another company.

Way to make Yu Tu feel guiltier jeez. He’s already under a lot of stress with this decision anyways.

However, Guan may join them next year.

As his wife may be divorcing him soon. It turns out Guan (Yu Tu’s manager) has been working so much overtime lately that his wife plans on leaving him.

Others within the group refuse to believe that is happening.

Because Guan and his wife are a very loving couple.

Yu Tu is confused and asks about the new people that were hired after he went on break. But Guan is a picky person. He has a strict work ethic and just having new people isn’t enough.

Sounds like the startup tech life T_T

But before they can dwell on the matter further, the food is ready to eat. So everyone digs in.

As they eat, another colleague asks for Yu Tu’s insight on a foreign research paper he’s read recently. And he can’t help but comment that in the future he may not be able to discuss topics like these with Yu Tu in the future.

Since Yu Tu is moving on to investment banking.

Heading Out to the Movies

It’s hits Yu Tu hard and he can’t help being uncomfortable.

Poor Yu Tu T_T I’m sure Qiao Jing Jing would give these guys a verbal beating if she was here

you are my glory episode 7 being uncomfortable

After the meal, Yu Tu sits in the subway station thinking about what happened earlier. His colleagues wanted to confirm if he was really leaving.

And when Yu Tu does the group gives him a toast and send him off.

Joking that going forward, all meals will be on him.

Meanwhile, Qiao Jing Jing is still hard at work playing Honor of Kings. She takes a screenshot of her latest scores and posts it on Weibo (China’s social media platform similar to Twitter).

Her fans praise and comment her.

While eagerly awaiting her performance for the upcoming event.

Then Yu Tu gives her a call and asks if she wants to hang out.

Moments later, she rushes out of her building with a hat and mask.

Qiao Jing Jing wonder if he’s meetup was nearby and Yu Tu nods.

He proposes they go to the movies. But the ones he has in mind aren’t really that suitable.

Because he’s unfamiliar with her inner circle and relationships. So he allows her to pick.

And she chooses a re-run of an animated film.

On the way to the theater, they split up because Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing that they are being followed.

But she wonders how he will get his ticket.

So he proposes a secret method. Kind of like how spies pass over information.

you are my glory episode 7 recap passing tickets

Qiao Jing Jing slips one of the movie tickets underneath a magazine of where she previously sat. And Yu Tu grabs the ticket.

Later they meet up again in the theater.

Real Reason for Giving Up Dreams

The movie they are watching is Coco and the opening scene reminds Qiao Jing Jing of what Yu Tu said previously. How his parents didn’t want him pursuing his dreams.

She wonders if she hit a sore spot by choosing this movie.

After the movie, Yu Tu tells Qiao Jing Jing that he will escort her back.

On the walk back home, Qiao Jing Jing mentions that she never watched the movie so she didn’t know it would start out like that.

But Yu Tu is fine. He tells her that the movie protagonist obtained his dream in the ideal fashion. So Qiao Jing Jing continues the conversation and asks the reason why he’s giving up on his dreams.

you are my glory episode 7 real reason for giving up dreams

It turns out that even though his parents supported his dreams when he graduated with masters and obtained a position at the aerospace institute, they were struggling financially.

There was one time they came to Shanghai from the suburbs to see a specialist doctor and they had to live at a cheap hotel.

And eat cheap food (like crackers and instant noodles). His mother was the one being examined.

Even though the results were fine and nothing happened, Yu Tu felt extremely guilty.

He couldn’t provide for them and didn’t find out until his aunt told him about it.

If something did happen, he wouldn’t have the financial means to help. And he had the choice to earn more money in a different industry from the beginning.

But he chose not to.

While others didn’t have a choice, HE did.

。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 Poor Yu Tu. He comes from a humble background so it must have crushed his heart to hear his parents struggle so much financially. Yet they didn’t want to burden him with it.

After hearing his story, Qiao Jing Jing wants to know what he will do next.

Investment banking isn’t bad either.

You Have Seen the Most Stars

But hearing Yu Tu comment that he has to start all over again while lamenting that he’s 30 and accomplished nothing hits Qiao Jing Jing hard.

That night, Yu Tu recalls that day when his mother explained her situation. How the exam results were okay and that she is fine.

But when he wasn’t around, his mother lectured his father for spilling the beans. She doesn’t mind her son being so accomplished.

Even though he’s too busy for them. While Yu Tu’s father thinks differently.

Coming out of memory lane, Yu Tu gets a message from Qiao Jing Jing.

She finds a quote that suits him very well.

However, you are a rabbit that has seen the most stars. (可是,你已经是看过最多星星的一只兔子了)

Yu Tu recognizes this quote from another weibo account.

And falls silent as he soaks this in.

Then Qiao Jing Jing thinks of something else and leaves him a voice message next.

Telling him that she was devastated to hear that he accomplished nothing. All of his past achievements weren’t for nothing.

Even if he has to start all over again. So what? He can still use his past experiences and skills.

He doesn’t need to deny the past.

They are still very valuable.

I teared up a little here, not gonna lie. Yu Tu probably wanted to hear this from someone. Because all he’s been hearing is that it’s such a waste, have to start over again, etc.

Qiao Jing Jing tells him that at least he fought hard towards his dreams. It’s better to try hard and fail than to not try at all.

“Jade Rabbit, keep fighting!”

Two Things

Yu Tu smiles as he feels like a rock has been lifted off of his chest. And tells Qiao Jing Jing to rest up early.

Tomorrow they will try getting a rank.

The next morning, Qiao Jing Jing gets a call from her manager. About two things.

One is that Mr. Li wants to meet up with them about an upcoming role.

And the other was that Qiao Jing Jing got photographed at the movies.

But alone on Singles’ Day.

So her fans are wondering when she will start dating. It’s quite sad that such a popular and beautiful celebrity has to watch the movies alone.

Well she’s already has a prospect in mind XD

Later she practices Honor of Kings with Yu Tu but takes a break to watch a live stream of a well known pro player.

Thinking out loud that if she wasn’t busy with acting she would like to do broadcasts too.

With a mixture of gaming, singing, makeup advice, etc.

The two watch for a bit but then the projector overheats and breaks. So Yu Tu gets to work fixing it. Recalling how he was tricked here to fix her air purifier.

Qiao Jing Jing just sits and observes, seeing a handsome man at work. Not noticing she got a few messages from her manager.

The meeting time with Mr. Li has changed to 3:30pm so she must get ready ASAP. The makeup artist and stylist are coming up with right now.

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We can see that Yu Tu has been struggling this whole time. Not only in this episode but previous episodes as well. From the moment Yu Tu decided to double-major in finance and aerospace, he has two groups of friends/colleagues/networks.

Those in finance believe that scientists don’t work that hard and are essentially “lower-class” working people. While those in aerospace believe that those in finance are “richer” and higher in the status quo.

Yu Tu is stuck in the middle.

He’s passionate about the galaxy and the stars but is highly intelligent to be able to pursue investment banking, capital management, etc.

Some of his friends believe he is “wasting” his talents by being in aerospace.

But Yu Tu didn’t mind until reality set in regarding the financial issues with his family. If his parents were sick, they wouldn’t be able to pay for medical care.

Even his mom believes that he doesn’t have that much money, after paying back half of the money his parents contributed towards his house in Shanghai.


So when it comes down to it. Can pursuing your dreams pay the bills? But he finally gets some comfort from our bubbly, sweet Qiao Jing Jing.

Who admires him for chasing his dreams. And believes that his past accomplishments have not gone to waste.

At least he tried. That’s a LOT better than the people who gave up before trying.

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