You Are My Glory (Ni Shi Wo De Rong Yao)

When I saw the trailer for You Are My Glory it reminded me of a slow burn romance. Starting when you had the crush in high school and then bumping into them later on.

Kind of like that.

Anyways, it caught my attention and the main leads are definitely gorgeous! You have Yang Yang (loved him in King’s Avatar, Love O2O) and then you have Dilraba Dilmurat (haven’t seen much of her dramas lately though).

Put the two together and wow, this show may get a LOT of hype.

But will it own up to the hype?

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A story that follows two people from two different industries.

Aerospace engineer, Yu Tu and rising actress star, Qiao Jing Jing.

The two cross paths once again when Qiao Jing Jing’s terrible video gameplay threatens her position as the video game’s ambassador.

Despite the image she has created for herself. And being a well-known celebrity, she has to keep up with appearances.

To explain herself to the fans, she decides to join an upcoming gaming competition to prove her skills.

And ends up reconnecting with her old crush, Yu Tu.

It turns out Yu Tu is really good at this video game so she asks him to help her.

The two get closer as they spend more time together. Is this the start of a long-lasting relationship?

Will the two forge ahead in their own individual industries?

Watch and find out!



I’m expecting some slow burn and build up to some fluffy romance! At least that’s what I’m getting from the trailer.

Or a more mature version of Go Go Squid/Love O2O.

If anyone has watched those two shows, should definitely check this show out!

Again the two leads here are definitely eye-catching! I can’t wait to see their chemistry!

Folks online are already shipping them and have HIGH expectations for their kiss scenes. (Are we going to have kiss scenes though?)

But I do hope Yang Yang doesn’t portray Yu Tu too stiff. I didn’t read the novel but I’m guessing Yu Tu is this lonely, super smart individual who has very few people to relate to?

Kind of like Han Shang Yan.

I guess we shall see what his backstory is. From Dilraba, I’m guessing her character is bubbly and sweet but has worked hard to get where she is.

What do you guys think? Will you give this show, You Are My Glory, a shot?

Leave a comment below!

You Are My Glory Episode Recaps

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No Olive
No Olive
2 years ago

Loved this show and love your recaps! The episodes are a little slow (I fast-forwarded through a lot of the game play scenes) but totally addicted by episode 17-28! Looking forward to reading more recaps of the second half of the drama!

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